Biden approached the White House

Biden approached the White House

Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia – it’s up to these four states to decide who will be the next president of the United States. Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, is now an arm’s length from the White House.

Not Trump: Biden Election Night in Wilmington, Delaware. Environmental Protection Agency / Jim Lo Scalzo

The world is watching four countries

Let’s see where the type of outcome is possible.

Pennsylvania (20 votes)

Now this is the most important member state: If Biden wins here, he will get twenty more votes to the current 253 electoral votes, thus getting the 270 votes needed to win – that is, he can move to the White House.

Of course, Republicans could still challenge the results in some states and demand a recount. Trump does mention election fraud, but it’s completely different.

Trump won that member in 2016 and led him overwhelmingly at first, but his advantage steadily diminished as votes were received via speeches. With 95 percent processing this morning, he is just 0.3 percentage points (about 25,000 votes) ahead of Biden, according to the New York Times.

Local authorities to me They can finish counting by the end of the day – that is, the final result could be by Friday morning Hungarian time.

Georgia (16 votes)

In Georgia, bordering Florida, which also became a republic in 2016, a final result is also expected very close.

After a 99 percent turnout, 2,449,371 votes were cast for Joe Biden and 2,448,454 votes for Donald Trump. That’s a 0.02 percent difference (less than a thousand votes), now in Biden’s favor. However, his victory has yet to be announced.

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If he wins, he will take a big step towards his presidency.

The Republican campaign team has already indicated in this member state that it is seeking compensation for the alleged wrongdoing.

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