Bibliography - Technology - Science - A beacon was placed on a grizzly mother

Bibliography – Technology – Science – A beacon was placed on a grizzly mother

For the first time in forty years, biologists were able to transmit a female grizzly bear in the United States with a beacon to track its movements. In this way, biologists would like to learn more about the lifestyle of the endangered species, according to MTI.

The Animal , which roamed the state of Washington-Idaho on three borders, was examined by experts and put on a collar beacon. Meanwhile, his young fled into the trees, but when their mother was released and the people left, they joined her again. Four males in the area have already been fitted with beacons in 1985, 2016 and 2018, but this is the first female to be captured.

Experts found that the predator uses surveillance cameras installed in a deserted area in the Selkirk Mountains. The grizzly population in the US-Canada border area is healthy, growing by about three percent annually.

Currently, about 70-80 bears can live in the Selkirk Mountains Wildlife Conservation Area, about half of the animals are on the Canadian side of the border. Biologist Wayne Kasurum, who specializes in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said.

Because the Grizzly is an endangered species in the United States, the state Wildlife Service works with federal officials to monitor its breeding grounds, migration zone, food supply, genetics, and extinction.

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