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Bibliography – Sports – Never before: Two captains of the national team run the women’s polo team

Bibliography – Sports – Never before: Two captains of the national team run the women’s polo team

As it is known: On August 23, due to the failure of the last two major tournaments, the European Championships (2022, Split, 5th place) and the World Championships (2023, Fukuoka, 6th place), coach Attila Pirro, who had ruled for the past eight years, was dismissed For this reason, renewal was necessary.

The first time on Monday norbert Madras, The President of the Hungarian Water Polo Federation entered the press conference room, the door was quickly opened, and although there was no fuss, Attila Mihok walked in

and Sandor C. Yes, it is no coincidence that there will be two of them: the federation’s presidency has voted in them a vote of confidence, and they will be the coaches of the Hungarian women’s national team from Monday.

For the first time in history, a Hungarian national water polo team has two national captains.

Of the two, it will be Mihawk who will play, he will be the first among equals, and the Czech Republic will provide professional support.

And their term lasts until the end of the Olympic Games in Paris.

They are both old bikers at work

Mihók is a champion of Dunaújváros, a silver medalist in the women’s tournament and a participant in the Champions League (he has to give up this position now, he will be a full-time captain). In 2017, the Czech won the Champions League with Duza Zolnok’s men’s team, and in recent years he has been the professional director of the federation, responsible for the entire supply line.

The national team will play in the European Championship on January 3rd, we have very little time, hardly four months. The Presidency saw that these two gentlemen were the key to professional renewal. He said the first goal was clear: to get a quota and get to the Paris Olympics Norbert Madras.

To do this, the European Championship in December must be won in the first round, or if Olympians Spain and the Netherlands finish in the top two, third place must be obtained. Two other teams from the World Championships in Doha qualify for Paris.

Attila Mihawk He thanked the presidency for their confidence, and indicated that he would lead the national team in a difficult period. It is necessary to prepare for the Olympic qualifiers within four months, but he believes that the task will be solved. However, this will require very good and close cooperation with the clubs.

Czech Alexander He emphasized: He does not deserve to leave this project, and that is why he accepted the invitation.

the birds He added: He feels that there is chemistry between the professionals, and the entire professional staff will not be appointed until later. The task has already been given:

Until mid-December, players should be at their peak physical and of course mental.