Bibliography - Science and Technology - Science Sensation: Vaccination against Covid can also be effective as a treatment

Bibliography – Science and Technology – Science Sensation: Vaccination against Covid can also be effective as a treatment

Journal of Clinical Immunology, now a prestigious professional journal gave the newsThat a 37-year-old female patient who was off-protection had been vaccinated because she had been infected with Covid for several months.

Of course, there is no such indication for vaccination, it is not even recommended by the manufacturer for the treatment of the disease, and, of course, it is not authorized for this. However, the medical team decided to try to vaccinate the patient infected with the Covid virus in the hope that the patient’s immune system would finally be able to fight the virus.

The patient had a disease that compromised the immune system, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome. He is a Welsh ophthalmologist special ad He felt imprisoned (he was, of course, in quarantine) and not only produced a consistent positive test, but also displayed symptoms characteristic of a prolonged Codra.

The miracle came for an extraordinary cure

Among these, he primarily complained of tightness in the chest, insomnia, headaches, extreme fatigue and poor concentration. With little promise of any other solution, doctors at the Welsh Immunology Center decided to try two doses of the Pfizer vaccine while Cardiff University experts continued to examine the patient’s immune system.

The expected miracle happened,

Shortly after the second vaccination, the virus disappeared from the patient’s body.

According to his doctors, this may have happened because while the patient, who has a weakened immune system, was unsuccessfully fighting the virus, he eventually received help with a vaccine, which was already able to fight off the infection.

The patient, Ian Lister, had been infected with the Covid virus since December 2020. As his first symptom, he complained of a loss of smell and taste. Plus, it was of course a problem that he could constantly infect his environment. His symptoms worsened over time. So, five months later, her doctors decided to take the bold step of vaccinating her with Pfizer, but not for prevention but for treatment, with a month-long break between the two doses.

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Negative test after 72 days

His doctors experienced an unexpected and very strong immune response, during which the level of antibodies to the virus and the so-called T-cell immune response were tested. Leicester was finally able to produce a negative Covid test 72 days after the first dose of the vaccine. He had been infected with Covid for 218 days.

It was an amazing moment!

Happy Mark Bonsford is one of the patient’s physicians.

It is also important to note that we have not experienced any side effects. The result is really surprising, we know the patient well and have not responded to any other conventional vaccinations before, including the mandatory vaccinations for children.

he added.

What then?

The goal of the treating physicians now, of course, is to try to reproduce the result and thus ensure that the patient was actually able to fight off the infection as a result of the vaccination.

This would be of great importance to other patients with compromised immune systems. For them, Covid poses not only an increased risk, but almost any infection. Congenital damage to the immune system is relatively rare, but acquired immune damage is very common, and we often have to use immunosuppressive therapy to treat other diseases. This includes, for example, organ transplants, where immunosuppressive therapy is forced to suppress rejection.

The author of the article is an allergist and clinical immunologist who treats patients infected with coronavirus on a daily basis.

(Cover Image: One A nurse prepares an injection of the Pfizer vaccine. Photo: Josephil Rivera / SOPA Images / LightRocket / Getty Images

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