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Bibliography – Science and technology – Japanese taste (c) Yunami in Budapest

Bibliography - Science and technology - Japanese taste (c) Yunami in Budapest

Tsuki Chai – That was on the business card of the Chinese lady I met at the toy fair in Nuremberg. I didn’t try to explain what that meant by reading his name in Hungarian, because it would have put a stamp of sexism on me.

Now I come across something Tsuki again, and even tea is a bit true. In the eastern part of Europe, the matcha tea bar was opened here for the first time, which was to some extent supplemented with confectionery products in line with local tastes. It is true that it is not Chinese but Japanese, but the Japanese also acquired the science of making tea from China.

As for matcha, they say One serving equals the health effects of 10 to 15 traditional green tea.

Matcha is the only green tea in which we consume the youngest tea leaves, and thanks to its pre-harvest shading, it retains its valuable nutrients even more, producing a lot of chromophyll and L-theanine, which together give it softness and sweetness. – It’s called Yunami flavor.

said to the index Kornélia teammaster who . desk drawing I mastered it in Japan The art of the tea party.

Now that we know what unami looks like, we also reveal that tsuki means influence or luck in Japanese, and it’s only—remaining in the sweets analogy—a icing on a cake, in Hungarian, saliva runs in everyone’s mouth.

Idea owner Gyula Almasi has been planning for the Hungarian Matcha-Mecca for over two years – it took a long time to conceptualize and create and develop the sweets and drinks available in the store. He and his co-workers traveled to Japan for two weeks to find the right matcha tea, they even worked on a tea plantation to learn all about the land of tea, also called green gold.

Our places are the first subjects of Central Europe matchaBars designed to serve Japanese green gold to guests in a special place. We have three distinct categories matchaWe work with powder – the more expensive the tea to make, the less expensive but high-quality the powder goes into drinks and cooking in cakes

The owner explained.

What is certain is that, thanks to chlorophyll, it has a unique and unmistakable green color, like an emerald. According to the Japanese herbal book A matcha It recharges energy at the same time, helps with focus and has a relaxing effect on the mind. And as the old song says, “Let’s have some delicious tea!”

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