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Bibliography – lore – the mystery of serials, that’s why we all clicked on it a long time ago

Bibliography – lore – the mystery of serials, that’s why we all clicked on it a long time ago

American soap operas of the 1930s were shown in the afternoons, off-peak times, and cleaning product companies sponsored They are (Procter and Gamble, for example), hence their nickname, soap operas. The target audience of the American series has been the housewife at all times. Today, the series has gone out of the mainstream due to the flow, and these productions are considered thematic, scientific and simple formal, but the phenomenon is still there, and today psychology has also found an explanation for why children and happy happy, graduated and unqualified adults, men and women, mostly from Venezuelan, Brazilian, Mexican and American telenovelas.

Moreover, Ingmar Bergman is also an avid Dallas viewer volts.

In Western Europe, high school students and retirees were the largest consumers of TV series, but in America, Eastern Europe and Asia, for example, all age groups of the population were available to endless stories. Why are millions of people pinned to screen by wild angel or the the fate of slaverythat it Esmeralda or the dallas?

Fun stereotypes

The unrealistic and exaggerated stories of the series reinforced prejudices and black and white thinking, being completely divorced from reality. The fact that they are often of unlimited duration is also attractive in them, as they attract a multi-generational audience. Some people first start watching a TV series with their parents, and then continue on their own as they get older from childhood.

Our brain prefers contact with acquaintances, so it’s no wonder that fans are so attached to soap opera characters, who can be regularly welcomed into their living rooms several days of the week.

Mirror neurons in our brains don’t differentiate between real people and fictional characters on TV when it comes to communication.

Watching the same actors for decades provides emotional stability – especially in today’s changing and changing world. Due to the length of the series, viewers know the characters, their past, and their development very well, and those who follow the series steadily can feel like an insider, because they know everything compared to new viewers. They feel an intimate connection with the characters and they are also members of the imaginary screen family, so if something goes wrong with a member, they experience it as a personal tragedy. When the TV series airs five days a week throughout the year, fans know these characters better than their kin, and their intense feelings can be real (remember when we rallied to free Isaura).

Fake problems instead of real problems

Spending time with a movie is relaxation and a temporary escape from real life, allowing the viewer to focus on the stress of someone else’s life and not their own. We also love soap operas because they remind us that other people’s lives can be harder than ours – deadly diseases, kidnappings, cheating. By comparison, what are we still fighting for to get our paychecks increased by 5 percent?

But fortunately, this is the rarest. Most fans can tell the difference between reality and the world of TV series. Plot twists entertain viewers, but fortunately, these shows have been trying to tackle more and more real issues for decades, such as addiction, infertility, mental health issues, abuse and loss, and the aftermath of trauma.

(Cover photo: Mario Arango/Getty Images)