Bibliography – Kultúr – 5 great songs to get you through your feelings after a breakup

If we ask the question how previous generations experienced their pain, we can name a series of hits. Let’s think of Damjín’s Szerelemvonata or Zorán’s A szerelemnek múlnina kell, or perhaps Péter Máté’s compositions, not to mention the broken strings.

  • How has the way we talk about a breakup changed at all?

There are two directions, on the one hand, there are those songs that define separation as a general phenomenon, while others define the relationship between you and me with music.

Carson Coma – Whatever

Zombie Carson whatever In his song, as the title shows, resignation clearly prevails. We are dealing with a band that, during its six-year career, has managed time and again creatively to previous songs and their arrangements (György Korda, I’m not nervous, you’re KFT Bábu). They represent a new and unique world of sounds, voices and (in their music videos) a visual world.

Kornél Esti – It’s the night

Esti Kornél’s musicians address their experiences with their sad and thought-provoking songs. There is no other way it’s night Nor their song, which highlights the dilemma of resignation and attachment. And it is in these mantra-like repetitions that the kind of monotony and vicious circle that arises in such a stable state of mind emerges.

Lóci plays – you deserve more

Lóci plays with his cheerful and charming style and also touches on this topic. The joie de vivre emanating from Lóci’s songs does not in any case favor idleness; As he put it in an interview:

My sad number is still more cheerful than Esti Kornél’s cheery number.

Indeed, Lóci expresses his thoughts with songs of a completely different mood. In this case, a changing relationship when we have already let go of someone, but we still cannot separate ourselves from him completely.

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Bohemian Outlaw – Tramp

Members of the Bohemian Betyars adhere to their “folk”, and elements of folk are prominent in their musical works. In this song, the Bohemian Betyars, using folk motifs (natural elements, flowers, birds), discuss loneliness and abandonment after separation, which he parallels with a state of aimless wandering and vagrancy.

Kitchen – nightgown

Konyha’s debut album, Konyhanyelv, interestingly features lyrics composed of artistic sophistication rather than kitchen language. The nightshirt from the album Idő van élég has become a symbol of attachment as a piece left here for the other person. This theme is entirely formulated in The Relationship Between You and Me, and the absence of the other person is reinforced in the nightgown mirror.

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