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Bibliography – Economics – David Vitese To the index: Janos Lazar cried out of his mind

Bibliography – Economics – David Vitese To the index: Janos Lazar cried out of his mind

“The issue and problems of the Hungarian railways are so serious that it is not worth responding to the fairy tales that fit into the stories of unrequited love, and that the most important problem of the Hungarian railways is that I did not want to work with Janos Lazar,” David Vitesse replied to Nandor Šepregy, Which appeared in the index columns on Thursday, according to the statement of the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Construction and Transport.

Sebrighi: David Vitese didn’t tell the truth

A heated exchange broke out between Nandor Cheprigi and David Vitese on Wednesday. In our last article, we summarized how this started, and the vice minister told the index

I appreciate David Vitese’s professionalism and commitment to the railways. And I didn’t doubt his reliability either. So far! Until now, he’d had a lot of ridiculous and unfair criticisms of the railway workers, but now he’s lying too.

Nandor Cheprigi also added that last November, “as deputy minister, I explained to him the mandate of Janos Lazar, which was a serious mission and responsibility. He asked for time to think, and that the press not be informed of the request. No response was received, instead he announced via Facebook that he would not “He continues his political work. There, where after that, because of his obvious insult – if he can no longer be a minister – he insults the transport policy leaders, the transport companies and his former colleagues in the role of an outsider. So he did not tell the truth. This and his crime is a distortion of everything he says.”

The verbal duel continues

After our article was published, we didn’t have to wait long for another response from Davide Vitesse. The former Minister of State first drew attention to the fact that Janos Lazar was the one who insulted the railway passengers by drawing attention to the critical operational problems of the railways:

Recently, János Lazar publicly shouted at the MÁV leaders “don’t be smart”. And yesterday I read in HVG that spoilers and leakers can do this about MÁV crashes and slow signals. This was not said by Ernie Gero, Minister of Transport Matthias Rákosi in 1949, but by Nandor Šepregy, deputy to Janos Lazar, yesterday.. In the meantime, what happened is that in the last few days a great purge has been organized in the MÁV, and it has been heard that the excellent professionals who have been working there for a long time have been removed, simply because Janos Lazar suspects them of doing so, the public has been informed of the operation of the MÁV about his troubles.

David Vitesse also added, “If it weren’t for human destinies, you would laugh at these stories: they are looking for those responsible for leaking the data available to anyone on the MÁVINFORM website or on the MÁV app, just because they don’t use railways nor their concept.” Nor the level of publicity with which the railways operate on a daily basis.”

In his statement, David Vitese specifically drew attention to the fact that Janos Lazar, who took over the transfer portfolio after the resignation of Laszlo Palković, contacted Nandor Šepregyi, who is now speaking, that they do not expect my work as State Secretary. transmit. He added: “I did not speak with Janos Lazar at all at that time, either verbally or in writing, and he did not communicate with me through any channel.”

There is no anger for that, and every minister has the right to choose who he wants to work with.

“Minister Lazar considered Balint Nagy, a member of parliament from Kestelje, the most suitable to run Hungarian transport policy as a state minister, and he had every right to do so,” he added. “After that we parted, I submitted my resignation, as is normal at this time. I I never post non-public messages exchanged, but here is the SMS in my phone, in which Nandor Cheprigi asks me, on behalf of Janos Lazar, to close cases as soon as possible as Secretary of State in the Ministry.

David Vitesse also considered it important to stress that “these are now uninteresting stories, Janos Lazar has been Minister of Transport since last November, 10 months have passed, the problems surrounding the MÁV are multiplying, and if we want to be honest, instead, the search for Solutions, by stopping investments and car tenders with their withdrawal, until now, it was often possible to create new problems. In conclusion, he added, as a regular passenger of the MÁV, I ask the management of the Ministry of Transport not to deal with me, not to look for the spoiler and leaker in everyone, but to take responsibility in the end and deal with what is their job. . There is, and should be a lot more to do in the case of the Hungarian railways – concluded his statement to Index.

(Cover photo: Dávid Vitézy on October 20, 2021. Photo: Editing/Index by Jorundy Novak)