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Bezlai winners of the Knowledge Championship in Szeged

Bezlai winners of the Knowledge Championship in Szeged

Our newspaper, Anikó Szakály, the mother of one of the winners, reports that a good rating proves that Zala students did well in the competition. Six of them made it to the podium, receiving a trophy, a gold, silver or bronze medal, a certificate of appreciation and two gift books each, and the other students (ranked 4-10) went home with a certificate of appreciation and a gift book.

Two students achieved double success, winning the first place trophy in two subjects in this high-profile competition.

Among the second-graders, Zalán Molnár (Zalaegerszeg, Dózsa School) won first place in both mathematics and environmental studies.

Grade 7 student Mátyás Peresztegi-Szakály (Zeg., Eötvös School) defeated his rivals in Hungarian language, literature and text comprehension.

Other winners of the Zala platform in the Knowledge Championship, broken down by year: 1st class: Nelzon Novák (Zeg., Öveges): 1st place in Mathematics. 2nd grade: Keán Szabó-Kalló (Keszthely, Csány-Szendrey): 3rd place in Mathematics. Grade 6: Domokos Pásztor (Bocfölde): Beginner in English: 1st place, Annamária Zsuppán (Zeg., Öveges) 1st place in Natural Sciences

Molnar Zalan
Photo: Anikó Szakály

Additional winners: 1st class: Nelson Novak: Hungarian, 5th place. Third grade: Luca Gazdag (Nagykanizsa): sixth place for Hungarian language, Tas Tóth Hunor (Zeg.): seventh place environmental knowledge. Grade 4: Bíborka Szabó-Füleki (Zeg.): Advanced Beginner English 4th place, Bertalan Bekő (Zeg.): Environmental Knowledge 6th place, Réka Bornyász (Zeg.): Advanced English 8th place, Nóra Gáspár (Zalaszentgrót) : Hungarian tenth place language. Fifth row: Attila Rozsnyói Botond (Bocfölde): 10th place in history. Sixth row: Levente Cziczelli (Nr.): sixth in history. Grade 7: Eszter Frankovics (Zeg.): 5th place advanced in English. Grade 8: Szófia Szazkó (Keszthely): Biology 9th place, Tamás Zalán Kósa (Zeg.): Literature and text comprehension 10th place.

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