Bezár in Győr A Beton, a group started to save the place

An important site for the Gyor subway was about to be closed. concrete. The concert venue, rehearsal hall complex, and community space have canceled the remaining concerts through the summer and launched a fundraiser for their survival.

In their statement, they justify all of this by saying that utility rates, soon-to-be-changed power supply conditions, and other difficulties place a heavy burden on the management, thus hindering the operation of the venue. Therefore, they are forced to start collecting, so that the enterprise can somehow continue to operate, even if it is not in this form. Created for the purpose of collection One Patreonpage, and you can also help the place with a direct reference, details in the post below. The Patreon campaign is about a quarter of the 350,000 HUF monthly support that has been set as the target to be achieved.

In addition, the venue also approached clubs from neighboring towns with the aim of finding a new location for concerts to be organized in Bethune. So far, two juveniles have successfully found a new home:

  • on June 2 Under the Void / Collided with a / Murray / Skog School Bus / The way we are The line-up ceremony will be held in Székesfehérvár, in the eight workshop. (It happened)
  • On June 3rd in Gyor People for Animals Foundation A hardcore/lewd charity party is organized to help his animal shelters – among the performers Liberal youth the dead body and the arrogant – It will be taken over by Veszprém Hall. (It happened)

The three remaining May/June concerts are currently cancelled:

  • May 19 Pozvakowski, Black Particles, Voronculos
  • May 20 – Archaic, Phrenesis, Malediction
  • June 4 – Mentors (USA), 0% Mercury (UA)

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