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Better than expected results achieved in Soréd’s Special Wine Competition (Exhibition)

Better than expected results achieved in Soréd’s Special Wine Competition (Exhibition)

We also asked the main organizer, the head of the foundation, about the results.

– We are satisfied, this was to be expected, since it was not possible to achieve much better results than last year’s crop. There was no faulty wine, and not a single wine should be left out. Wine came from many of the surrounding settlements, from almost every corner of the wine region, even from Fehérvárcsurgó. President Tamás Keszi, who received a gold medal with Generosa wines, and silver with sparkling Ezerjó and ripe Ezerjó, said wines from Söréd also got good reviews.

Josef Geisler also joined the series of appraisal letters.

– The Sörédi Szőlőhegyért Foundation is doing a very important job, because the cultivation of Ezerjó is mandatory for us, because we are the Morei wine region. We also have contacts with merchants abroad, and they also suggest that we should invest more energy in making Ezerjó wine. It’s not worth it with Chardonnay, as it is everywhere on five continents, noted the head of the Geszler Family Winery, which has many prestigious awards.

András Sáfrán interpreted the jury’s opinions and evaluations to the participants and also distributed certificates
Photo: Jenő Palocsai/FMH

Erzsébet Mölmann, the leading tourism and hospitality company in Móri, was also present at the wine competition. The entrepreneur said that it is a pleasure to be here, because the place is very captivating, and he will definitely recommend Sörédi Szőlőhegy to the hotel guests who come to him, because of the charm of the place and the hospitality of the locals will definitely bring this nice atmosphere to others.

In total, 38 samples were initiated, many of which were also included with Ezerjó and Generosa, Zenit, Zeusz and Zengő. Of these, 10 gold, 26 silver and 2 bronze medals were awarded. Several gold-certified recipients also received special awards. Csabi Miklós, Hegedűs Family Winery, Fűrész Winery, Bernáth Cellar and Lincz Family Winery round out the top five.

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