Better late than never: cross-play support for Honor

Matchmaking will first be affected by the change, after which we can create our own teams with other machine owners.

More than 5 years ago, in 2017, Ubisoft brought us PCs and consoles a for honor , which has not yet supported cross-play mode, which means that we have not had the opportunity to engage in battle with owners of other platforms. That will change soon, as the decision makers have indicated that they are activating this opportunity for us in two waves. For the first time, the possibility of cross-linking will be supported in the matchmaking system from March 17th, then at a later time (the exact date of the latter is not yet available) we can enjoy the new feature for private matches and when grouping matches for our own team. Of course, Crossplay will be turned off everywhere, and it is useful to know that for technical reasons voicemail messages will not be able to be sent, and text chat will remain the prerogative of computers alone.

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