Best Hungarian performance ever in the Short Track World Speed ​​Skaters Championships

Best Hungarian performance ever in the Short Track World Speed ​​Skaters Championships

The 22-year-old Ferencváros rider won his first ever combined World Championship title for Hungary, and in the current World Cup he won for the second time after finishing first in the 500m race on Saturday.

The 3,000m Super Final kicked off with three shots at the start, giving Leo Shaolin of Dutch Itzac de Lat and French Sebastian Lebappe an advantage in the round, and the latter went even further, as he claimed the title for the second time. At the same time, it was decided that there would be a Hungarian gold medal in the complex, and the only question was who would be Brother Leo.

The 25-year-old Liu Shaolin might have been bothered by Libby’s ringing, so he was completely released before the end, leaving him third behind De Lat, even though he would have taken the world compound title with a second place in the element.

The Russian Simeon Yelistratov came third, behind the Hungarian brother and sister.

In the case of the ladies, Suzanne Schultung, the Dutch winner in all three individual races, was already a gold medalist at the start, but she also won the super final of the 3000 m. Behind him, Canadian Courtney Sarrault won the silver, and Italian Ariana Fontana, who made it with the Hungarians, won the bronze.

Later, the World Cup program ends with the finals relay.


World Composite Champion Men:

Liu Shauang 60 pont
2- Liu Shaolin Sandor, 55
3 – Simeon Yelstratov (Russia) 44

Women’s Composite World Champion:

Susan Schulting (Netherlands) 136 points
2 – Courtney Sarrault (Canada) 58
3 – Ariana Fontana (Italy) 39
… 10. Petra Jászapáti 2
… 27. Zofia Konya

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Gold Liu Shaolin, Liu Shaoang 1000m silver medal

The 25-year-old Ferencváros rider won the second World Championship title in his career: in 2016 he won over the 500 meters. His 22-year-old brother can stand on the podium for the second time at the World Cup after winning the shortest distance on Saturday.

In the first rounds of the five-man final, Liu Shaolin advanced ahead of his brother, but then Russian Semyon Yelastratov and French Sebastian Lipabi stood between them. Liu Shauang changed the rhythm between the two halves, from fourth to top, and from there there was nothing threatening the galactic double victory, it was only the order between them. In his poetry, Liu Shaolin is preceded by his brother, but when they reached the finish line, they celebrated together with their fists clenched and chanted the same way. With this performance, they took the first two places before the 3000m Super Final.

Italian Pietro Siegel was ranked third, behind world brother and sister.

In the women’s final, Petra Gaspatti took the lead at the start of the race, then fell to fourth place one after the other. However, the 22-year-old contestant from Sieged did not leave her place, first ahead of Polish Nicole Mazur and then two-time European champion Martina Valspina, so she finished second behind Russia’s Yekaterina Jeffriminkova and finished seventh in the overall standings.

The paper model was not flipped at best, that is, the Dutchman Susan Schulting tripled: after 500 and 1500 meters, he smoothly triumphed in the middle. Behind him, Hanne Desmet of Belgium won the silver and Canadian Courtney Sarrault won the bronze.

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Men’s 1000m World Championship:

Alexander Liu Shaolin 1: 25,901 min
2. Liu Shauang 1: 26,000
3 – Pietro Siegel (Italy) 1: 26.083

Women’s 1000m World Championship:

Susan Schulting (Netherlands) 1: 26.854 min
2- Hahn Desmitt (Belgium) 1: 26.993
3 – Courtney Sarrault (Canada) 1: 27.470
… 7. Petra Jászapáti
… 28. Zofia Konya

The Hungarian men’s relay won a silver medal

Hungarian Olympic champion men’s relay won a silver medal at the World Short Track Speed ​​Skating Championships in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, on Sunday.

In the 5000m final, Chaba Bergen fell, so there was no chance of winning the relay, and the Russians also won second place behind the Dutch.

The Hungarians finished the World Cup with the most successful performance ever, with six medals, including three golds: Liu Shauang won the 500 meters and generally won the silver in the 1000 meters, while his brother Sandor Liu Shaolin finished second. The boat is next to the gold medal 1000 meters.

The Hungarians took second place in the medals table

With their best performance ever, the Hungarians finished second behind the Dutch host at the Short Track World Speed ​​Skaters Championships in Dordrecht.

The Hungarian team finished the World Championships with six medals, including three golds: Olympic silver champion in the men’s relay, Liu Shawang in the 500 meters and the overall standings and took the silver in the 1000 meters, while his brother Sandor Liu Shaolin won the gold in the 1000 meters. He took second place in the boat.

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