BEOL – Australia Day is organized in Vieques

The event began at Austrál Point, where Gábor Izsó, former mayor of Békés and board member of the Békés Association, said in his salute that they come to the memorial at least once a year to remember the common tasks, to nurture the friendship between the two peoples.

“At times like these we can meet old and new acquaintances who are also involved in this mission,” he said, then added that one of the important goals of the association is to help those in need, especially sick children, through charitable activities. Especially well received was 93-year-old Istvan Kovacs, the oldest citizen of the Assembly, having lived in Australia for fifty-six years.

The Australian and Hungarian national anthems were played by the Pixie Youth Brass Band led by Laszlo Pajoli, then President Zoltan Juhas and Minister Laszlo Varkas, as well as members of the veteran Biquiscapa Appartistolite Motorcycle Club, and laid a wreath at the Australian Point.

In the second part of the event, already in Vieques Danvok, Zoltan Johasz said that in the past two years, due to the epidemic, unfortunately, it was only possible to hold two Australia days, and there was no opportunity to organize other events. He pointed out that they visited Vienna last April at the invitation of Australian Ambassador Richard Sadler. At the meeting, the Society invited the diplomat to the third Australian Charity Evening on 19 November, and he accepted the invitation. Zoltan Johasz hopes that this year will be more important than the previous year.

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As we learned, thanks to Karoly Alfoldi, President of Csabai Jövőért and a diamond-level supporter of the association, this year’s event has turned into a family day with theater, crafts, logic games, action games, and puppets. stage. The Madows band and singer Johnny Moonlight provided a good atmosphere at the event, and casual conversations were possible as well.

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