Ben Affleck reveals why he is so upset with Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck is not as cheerful as his wife, Jennifer Lopez!

Half the world in February Ben Affleck Laughter in the face: The actor attended the Grammys with his wife, Jennifer Lopez, but it totally looked like he didn’t want to be there. At some point, the singer told her husband to be more zealous, which was also recorded by the cameras. Well, the truth is that over the years there have been many situations where Ben Affleck and his unhappy face have attracted attention.

Now, Ben Affleck has been a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, revealing the reason for his unhappy face, which is especially noticeable when he’s with his wife, because in most cases JLo On formal occasions, he greets the cameras with a huge smile on his face.

Listen, I have a very sad face

– said the actor at the show, and then showed that he makes the same face with different emotions. Needless to say, the audience laughed a lot.

This is how God made it. You don’t have to punish me for that

Ben Affleck jokingly added.


A few days ago, Ben Affleck gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter, where he confessed why he avoided working with his best friend Matt Damon for years. The two actors hit it big with 1998’s Good Will Hunting, and their popularity has remained unbroken ever since.

– said the actor.

After many years of absence, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon appear together in 2021 in The Last Duel.

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