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Bell’s wife Gyula Diack performed a life-saving operation

Bell’s wife Gyula Diack performed a life-saving operation

Gyula Diak Bell and his wife are going through a difficult time. Marika underwent a serious operation four months ago.

Marika’s cancer relapsed twelve years later, four months ago she underwent an operation that lasted several hours. Despite all this, the rock legend isn’t complaining.

We’re not going anywhere in particular. We spend a lot of time with family, but if I can, I read, listen to music, and indulge in my favorite hobby, i.e. sports. I watch everything, but football is closest to me. We have a routine, I exercise in three parts every day, and I have to keep fit, so I take it very seriously.”

Photo: Major Kata-Orego

I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I’ve lost over thirty pounds. I went from one hundred thirty to ninety-six.

It’s not easy, but I feel so much better. There is always something to do, I don’t know the concept of boredom. I have a big part in the fact that we play a lot, with one or two exceptions, I organized parties this year. My wife is doing very well considering the circumstances, but unfortunately the change in weather has taken a toll on her. Because of COPD, when it rains, it gets a little suffocating because of the bad weather. We are having a great time, she cooks, irons, cleans and is stable. The musician said: I love you, I love you, we get along so well Pepperto.

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