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Beijing Winter Olympics boycott: Australia, Canada and Britain protest genocide

After New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Britain also joined a US political boycott that announced earlier this week that none of its diplomats would travel to Beijing for next year’s Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

Olympic sports specialist insidethegames.biz According to his report, the three countries took this decision for reasons similar to those of the Americans. The United States has declared a political boycott of “crimes against genocide, humanity and other human rights violations” in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur province.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson added that he did not support athletes boycotting the Games.

The Canadian Olympic Committee said in a statement that it is concerned about China’s problems and understands that the Olympic Games will always be given a prominent role in raising awareness in the world. The organization also stressed that boycotting an athlete, on the other hand, would only harm the competitors and not affect substantive changes.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison also confirmed the Australian athletes’ kick-off, and the country’s Olympic organization welcomed the announcement.

“Australia is a great sporting country, and sport and other political issues should be chosen separately. These are problems between the two governments,” he said.

New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson said:

Their country had already told China in October that for political reasons, no government officials would travel to the Five Rings Games in February or the Paralympic Games in March.

Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, said earlier on the issue:

Its organization is not “superworld government”, the Olympics and the participation of athletes “go beyond politics”.

Bach stressed that the IOC continues to take a “politically neutral” stance and will respect the decisions of governments.

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