Beijing 2022: Women's hockey qualifiers changed location

Beijing 2022: Women’s hockey qualifiers changed location

Because of the coronavirus situation in South Korea, the venue for the women’s hockey tournament for next year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing has changed: October 7-10. One of the tournaments between them will take place in Nottingham instead of Kangnung.

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The quartet includes South Korean, British, Slovenian and Icelandic teams. Since a 14-day quarantine is required for those entering South Korea, the International Federation (IIHF) has decided, as indicated on its website, that Britain will be the manager, and there Nottingham, from which the Hungarian men’s team applied last February of the year, pledged the role of the host.

The winner of the quartet will advance to the final qualifying round, which will also feature the Hungarian women’s national team, which will take place from November 11-14 at three locations: Chumutov in the Czech Republic, Vossen in Germany and Lulea in Sweden.

The Hungarians, who are ranked ninth in the first ever World Elite Championship of their existence, will be on the ice in Chumutov, where they will face the Czech Republic, the world’s weakest-ranked team, in October. Tour for the only place to win the Olympics.

The world’s top six teams so far, namely the United States, Canada, Finland, Russia, Switzerland and Japan, as well as host China, have won Olympic quotas in Beijing.

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