Beer cans are thrown on the street to train runners in Britain

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, some British athletes are being forced to run and train on the streets. The runners have endured the drivers’ harassment so far, and now they are completely upset.

Athletes said they tried to train in empty parks, but because of the inconvenience, they are now finding it increasingly difficult to do so. It turns out that the women who train on the street have been throwing beer cans.

Rhiannon Lennington Payne, who is racing 400 meters, said cars stop regularly, drivers roll out the window and whistle, talking about his body all the time. The cases also turned out not only in Wales but also in London and Manchester.

Runner Hannah Briere said I regularly train on the street in shorts in the summer as the temperature was 34 degrees. Nobody knows what comments were made on my photo. They shouted at me from the car. Then the car moved away and returned. They were there next to me again. I was really scared, my dad had to call me on the phone. “

Hannah Briere is regularly bulliedSource: Instagram

In Wales, the Athletics Federation has now turned to the police because it has been declared that these conditions cannot continue.


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