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We are looking for outgoing influential students who are ready to rep Campus Lately on their college campus. We assemble an outgoing, energetic, diversified group of students who are active users on social media and interested in having fun with a growing brand while earning extra goodies.

Our Reps Are:

  • Proactive self-starters who have a positive attitude toward creative problem solving

  • Not afraid of technology and totally willing to learn new social media tools while interacting with the college community

  • People-person with good customer service abilities

  • Reliable, creative, idea-generator, go-getter

  • Someone who has great ideas! We love when our reps are invested in Campus Lately and collaborate with us to expand our brand awareness

A CampusLately Rep gets hooked up with all the latest apparel, opportunities to host giveaway and events on campus, spreads the word about CampusLately to the students on their campus and hands out a ton of freebies. They get the inside scoop on upcoming projects and win cool prizes.


Our Campus Reps interact with student organizations, pass out free material, update social media, gather student information/impressions, build relationships on campus and attend campus events. Campus Lately Rep Program is a tier structure. Each goal achieved rewards certain prizes and goods. This year we’ll be hosting monthly contests with prizes so good we aren’t allowed to list them on here!


Every semester, we get the same question asked over and over again. The answer is YES, you can earn college credit through our campus rep program. However, you will have to confirm with your teacher or your school’s administration for approval. We’re happy to write recommendations as well as referrals! Campus Reps will receive marketing, public relations, and event planning experience.

As much as we would love to be back on a college campus, the real world just won’t let us! This is why we love our campus rep program so much; our reps are our ears and eyes to everyday campus life.

If you would like to be a part of our fast growing company, please apply  below.



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