Because of his son, he painted his mother-in-law on himself for 30 hours

Because of his son, he painted his mother-in-law on himself for 30 hours

Her son was not feeling well, and the father could not stand still.

Derek Pro He wrote that he noticed that his son was feeling unwell with a mole covering most of his chest and stomach, so he decided to put the same tattoo on himself. BBC.

The ‘copy’ has been running for over 30 hours.

I just wanted to feel better. Whether it is school or sports, you need to enjoy your own skin.

Said Bro, who lives in Alberta, Canada, said everyone must have felt different from the others, but she thought it might be helpful for her son not to feel it was dangerous because he wasn’t. He was hoping he could help her with that.

The eight-year-old has always been very social, but about half a year ago he began to feel more shy, leaving his shirt alone in the pool. That’s why his father showed his son his tattoo for the first time in the pool, and it was a surprise to him.

Also, Pro didn’t think it would take long to get a tattoo, she thought it would happen simultaneously and around four hours. He was wrong. It took all that long to outline.

And how long will it be up to you?

The excited boy asked when he saw his father’s copy of his mother-in-law.


Father answered.

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