Because of her mobility issues, Queen Elizabeth will appoint the new British Prime Minister next Tuesday in Scotland

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2022-08-31 15:17:00

The 96-year-old will now welcome his future 15th prime minister as well as outgoing Boris Johnson.

Queen Elizabeth is breaking with tradition, and because of the 96-year-old monarch’s mobility problems, she appointed the new Prime Minister of Great Britain not at Buckingham Palace in London, but at her residence at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Reuters An announcement Wednesday by a Buckingham Palace spokesperson.

The spokeswoman explained that the Queen will receive outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his successor, which will be Foreign Secretary Liz Truss or former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, on September 6 at the castle where she spent the summer.

On September 5, the ruling Conservative Party will announce who won the position of Prime Minister, for which Truss is an obvious candidate based on opinion polls.

As head of state, the British monarch traditionally appoints the new prime minister after a meeting at Buckingham Palace, which is always watched by a large audience, an “army” of television cameras, helicopters and cars.

Referring to the BBC’s constitutional expert Vernon Bogdanor, he stated that since the reign of Queen Victoria, all but one of British prime ministers have been appointed to Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth, who has headed 14 governments so far, has faced, in their words, “occasional mobility issues” in recent months, forcing her to reduce her public appearances. He also spent a night in the hospital last October with an unspecified illness.

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