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Beautifully colored Balaton Carp were caught in 70 cm of Tapolca stream water

Beautifully colored Balaton Carp were caught in 70 cm of Tapolca stream water

According to the stories of the fishermen, in recent years they have not caught much carp and bream except occasionally in the Tapolca stream. However, a few weeks ago this year, it was reported that some cute specimens had been discovered. Information also reached Astrik Bakos, who spent three days on the beach with a friend.

The Tapolca stream originates in Bakony, six kilometers from Pápa, in Tapolcafő, and then its wild, meandering stream flows into Lake Balaton in Szigliget.

The news of the carp’s appearance not only reached Bakos Astrikes, but also other fishermen trying to get upriver. At first, the Astriks also started there, but then they decided to camp near Lake Balaton, and pitched their tent about 200 meters from the mouth.

“After the boat dock, we found a place where we could fish for passengers. This place is better – near Lake Balaton – because it’s easier to meet fish here, they come in and out,” Asztrik explained to Pecaverzum for choosing the final site.

The Tapolca stream here is 3-4 meters wide, the average water depth is 70-60 cm, and even in the deep parts it is only 1.10-1.20 meters.

“We started fishing in a swampy area, which was very nomadic and full of ants and mosquitoes. When there was a strong wind, the stream flooded. We hung up rod racks in a dry area and put our gear down when we arrived, and then the next day we woke up to find everything covered in water,” he described the environment and conditions. changing.

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We can forget about drifting or even throwing in such terrain conditions. “Since we did not introduce the boiler in the middle of the river, in the current, we just stretched out the rig and put the rig in front of our feet, under the reeds. The feeding consisted of a few grains of boiling water, which we threw on the bait,” he explained.

During the three nights they managed to catch many carps, sometimes seven and sometimes just one. Since the Astriks do not usually brag about the size of the fish on their own pages, they also did not share the length and weight of the carp, but the two largest – which could certainly be more than 10, but more than 15 kilograms – were filmed and sent to Pecaversum. You can see one of them in our opening image, and here’s the other:

The gang leader was arrested on Monday 22nd May. Both fish have a darker tone, indicating that they have adopted the color of their environment.

“Maybe they cross the stream regularly, or maybe they’ve lived here for a long time. Interestingly, according to the fishermen who know the place, they haven’t caught any of them in recent years. We’ve also seen spawning, and the water roaring and clicking nonstop, pushing my needles back and forth. There was A time when I had to put the slingshot back into place five times because it kept toppling over.I could catch the biggest fish from under the reeds in 70cm of water.The rig hadn’t been turned on for a day and a half, but I didn’t take it out, trusted the place, left it there, and blew it out There. The bait was a 24-millimeter boiler with a plum liver flavour, slightly carved.”

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Regarding the fatigue of the fish, he said that it was too strong, and not all of them headed towards Lake Balaton after they were hooked.

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(Images: Astrik Bakos/Pecaverzum)

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