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Beautiful terraces and a wonderful panorama – 5 places where amazing gastronomic experiences and programs await you – top list

Beautiful terraces and a wonderful panorama – 5 places where amazing gastronomic experiences and programs await you – top list

Close to Lake Balaton, better and better gastronomic adventures await us, and in addition, in such wonderful locations, where we can enjoy fine food, drinks and Balaton wines either directly on the shore of Lake Balaton, or on top of the mountain in its embrace. From the panorama, or even on the beautiful terraces in the heart of Tihany and the Kale Basin.

Many places offer outstanding accommodation or programs such as Outdoor concerts, film screenings and exhibitions, So, in addition to culinary experiences, there is a reason to visit the following locations, where there is an outdoor setting On a shaded balcony or private view We can enjoy clear summer days.

Panorama on Lake Balaton: Tobart Hotel and Restaurant

the Toubart Hotel and Restaurant It awaits us in Balatonvillagos, just an hour away from the bustle of the capital, and promises wonderful lakeside relaxation. It was completely renovated two years ago From the restaurant's panoramic terrace, Which is appropriate For aquarium Named, there is an unparalleled view of Lake Balaton and the hotel's magnificent garden, so anyone who comes here, it is Quietly, unbothered You can indulge in delicious cuisine. The restaurant's focus is on local and international flavours, and dishes are prepared with local ingredients and great expertise.

This year's show is a show you can't miss Fillet miswak with baby spinach and grilled potatoes, Which has grown to become an audience favorite over the years. Beside that Lovers of traditional flavors and those looking for new things Guests can also find dishes that suit their tastes. Much attention has been paid to the fact that A vegetarian, vegan, Guests with gluten, lactose, and milk protein allergies can also leave satisfied. Along with great food Excellent wines They serve from view the Hungarian wine region and the Balaton region. It is worth a visit not only because of the panoramic restaurant, stunning sunsets and excellent dishes To Toubart Hotel, But it was created by the team A family ambiance It also tempts us to spend long hours on the balcony.

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More information here.

Italian flavors in the heart of Tihany: Ristorante Galleria

If we want to go on a wonderful culinary trip to Mediterranean flavours The world, then let us turn to it Tihany Toward and enter To Ristorante Galleria. The presentation of the restaurant is original Italian We can find delicious dishes made using recipes and ingredients, from appetizers to desserts. When preparing food, it's not just for freshness, but For the beautiful presentation and eating experience Also put a lot of emphasis. We can taste excellent pasta dishes, Seafood dishes, but in hot weather you should try the cold berry cream soup, and of course the menu Tiramisu It can't be left behind either.

And an Italian gastronomic adventure as well as food It is complemented by an excellent selection of drinks coming directly from Italy. Throughout the summer, they ensure to offer indispensable and high-level quality and service, so Balaton Heights We can consider Ristorante Galleria a safe base for the surrounding settlements. The restaurant too With a wonderful garden space Where we can enjoy our meals in a true Mediterranean setting, toast our drinks, or simply enjoy the wonderful summer weather. The restaurant also has two separate indoor rooms, which are an excellent fit special events, For small birthday parties and even weddings.

More information here.

Badassone Wine Tasting: Vulcanus Cellar and Wine Terrace

Zigligit On one of its lesser-known uplands, it is home to vineyards and cellars Antal Hill We find those founded in 2002 Szatmary wine farm. Two years ago, a wine terrace was added to the property, making it unique and impressive panorama It unfolds before us, because we see simultaneously Badasonet, Foniod And the Zigligit Castle. In addition, here too, we can enjoy the best wines and excellent food in the open air. the Vulcanos Wine Terrace Balázs Kardos and Zsuzska, owners of the operators, are responsible from the kitchen to the tables to ensure that everyone A special experience Should visit here.

Mainly on property With Badacsony grape varieties It works, but you can also find a variety here that occurs in a few places, e.g Vulcanos, which is their flagship wine It also bears the name of the balcony, so it is a real curiosity. In addition to a selection of exciting wines, Chef Victor Horvath The kitchen he runs is also very popular with guests, but since Vulcanus is primarily a wine terrace, so… With a short list they are working, With seasonal daily specials Adding color to it, meals are always accompanied by excellent Szigligit wines. You can visit them from the first weekend of March until the last weekend of November, but they are definitely recommended during the summer season reservation.

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More information here.

Small Mountain, Big Wine: Cactus Borhas

The mysterious cactus The name means nothing more than a mountain near Káptalantóti, a Tapolcay pool Border, one of the smallest mountains in the Balaton highlands. He founded his own winery here in 2009 Gabor Adam An economist, his goal is to produce high-quality wine, build the local community and enhance the reputation of the Badacsone wine region. now They produce white, pink and red wines on an area of ​​7 hectares. any On the veranda of the winery Or also located in Káptalantóti In Vinoteca cactus We can taste it.

The west-facing wine terrace serves not only excellent wines, but… Beautiful view, amazing sunset and friendly welcome Waiting for us too. We can arrive by car, on foot with a backpack, by bicycle, with a dog or even With a glider Also from the top of Csobánc (this has happened several times), we are sure to have great experiences. Mainly focus on wine, but we won't go hungry, Delicious snacks They are also served alongside drinks. And on the terrace of Sabar Borház, there are regularly musical events, Whose detailed programme here You can browse, but we're highlighting Starting July 5th Janos Aksiri Blues FestivalFamous representatives of this genre will play music on the terrace for two days.

More information here.

Where swallows spend their summer: Káli Fecske

the Káli Fecske Restaurant and Cultural Center From May 2023 A Renovated on the ruins of the old school in Salfold, In the Church and Majorság district, guests are welcome all year round. The Káli Fecske is real gastronomic and worship center, It has a restaurant, comfortable terraces, an indoor exhibition space, an outdoor theater and even an outdoor barbecue garden, and in the summer there is also an ice cream counter. Chef Laszlo Giwriska Every chapter With a renewed list It periodically prepares special offers for guests who love meat and vegetarians.

From May to October And we can delve into not only stomach adventures, but… Lots of cultural programmes Also waiting for us, the Káli Fecske team is also preparing with theatrical performances, concerts, a film club, contemporary art exhibitions and children's programmes. Families with young children on Saturday mornings in the summer For theatrical performances Adults are welcome on Saturday evenings With concerts And the With Thalia Theater performances Being prepared. On some warm summer Friday evenings, Budapest Music Centre Ensures comfort Jazz concerts. Events here You can browse. You can go to the restaurant for lunch or dinner, but you can also stop by Káli Fecské for coffee, cake or a cocktail, and you can also walk around the exhibition space.

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More information here.

(Cover image: Cactus Winehouse)


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