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Be careful with EA games because the hammer has become easier to use these days!

Be careful with EA games because the hammer has become easier to use these days!

It appears that an Apex Legends player has been permanently banned from EA games for typing ‘stfu’…

An Apex Legends player has sparked controversy after sharing a message from EA that he has been permanently banned from all of its games. The reason for this was a chat message that Electronic Arts considered to be in violation of its harassment policy.

In a Reddit post dated November 19, user THEVAN3D shared his ban message explaining that EA had issued a permanent ban on the account after it emerged that he wrote “stfu” in chat in Apex Legends.

This is the English word “shut the f*ck up”, i.e. roughly. “Be quiet!” abbreviation.

“We consider this to be harassment,” the letter read. You can no longer play EA games on this account. The post quickly went viral, and was quickly shared on other subreddits and social media. The player confirmed that the ban means he cannot access the Electronic Arts app, making all his other games unplayable.

EA issues a permanent ban on Apex chat messages?!

As this post spread, others shared similar experiences. But it became clear that this permanent ban was the result of several temporary bans accumulated previously. Although THEVAN3D claims to have received only one ban in the past, and that too for chat messages, others have claimed that it was a three-strike system.

Another player also revealed that he received the same permanent ban from all EA games after writing “Mfs Trash” in game chat. However, he confirmed that this is the third such attack on the messages. However, THEVAN3D claims that this was only his second ban. Previous was a temporary suspension of typing “xtfu”. Well, he still wanted to write “stfu” but he couldn’t…

EA requires all players to agree to the Positive Gaming Charter, which mainly governs respect, cheating, inappropriate content, and the law.

In fact, Electronic Arts states that violating these rules could result in “restriction of your account” or even “withdrawal of access to some or all of EA Services.”

But many players feel that such a game-wide ban is too strict for messages like “stfu” or “mfs trash”. One player said: “Banning someone for saying ‘stfu’ is ridiculous. The Apex community is soft.” “Saying ‘stfu’ is not bullying,” another said. Well, Electronic Arts clearly disagrees.

The banned player contact EA Customer Service to appeal. But he got a simple response: “After thoroughly investigating your account and your concerns, we have determined that your account was handled correctly and we will not remove this penalty from your account.”

source: Reddit, Twitter

Do other gaming platforms also prevent you from saying “stfu” in online chat? Or is it just EA being too sensitive?
byu/THEVAN3D Stringcom.pcmasterrace

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