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Be careful when buying clothes from Primark

Be careful when buying clothes from Primark

Caitlin, a former employee at the chain, wanted to warn future customers about the popular supermarket chain.

On May 28, the first Primark store in Hungary opened its doors in the Arena Mall in Budapest. The company does not stop here, as it plans to open new stores in Hungary, as well as in Timisoara, Bydgoszcz and Prague by the end of 2024.

Primark never stops expanding; They aim to open a further 90 stores by the end of 2026, increasing their current 440 stores worldwide to 530. The opening of the Budapest store is an important milestone for the company, as they are now present in seventeen countries, and is also a sign of their commitment to the Central and Eastern European markets, where they are looking for further growth opportunities.

Caitlin, a former employee at the chain, wanted to warn future customers about the popular supermarket chain For the Scottish sun He talked about what was going on behind the scenes.

Among other things, the former employee spoke about how clothes were rarely disposed of at Primark.

“Unless it is damaged or badly soiled, it will be returned to the shelf.”

– Withdrawing the cover from the previous employer.

The former employee of the department store chain also said that there was no problem if customers smeared foundation, lipstick or other things on clothes. Even in such cases, products are returned, and the fact that sweaty and smelly people have tried on the clothes should not be a hindrance at all.

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Therefore, it is useful to wash clothes bought at Primark after shopping, because – according to the former employee – an average of five people try on a piece of clothing before someone buys it.

Caitlin also told the newspaper that a discount could be arranged at checkout if someone thought the product they wanted to buy had dropped in value.


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