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BBTE announces nearly 28,000 new foundation and master's places and courses for summer admission

BBTE announces nearly 28,000 new foundation and master's places and courses for summer admission

Babeş–Bolyai University announces the provision of more than 27,880 places for foundation and master's courses in summer admission, the university administration announced. The number of places increased slightly compared to last year. There are about a hundred other free places for university courses, and more paid places are also available. Four new bachelor's programs will also be launched, one of them in the Hungarian language: Information Engineering specialization, and two educational programs will be launched in English and one in Romanian. Four new master's courses are also being announced, one of them in Hungarian: Data-Driven Management, two courses in English and one in Romanian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese at the Faculty of Arts.

If he went to university now, he would choose Babiş-Bolyai University, because it is an institution with a long history, first in the country according to this year’s ranking, and according to the QS international ranking, it is almost fifteenth in Eastern Europe – said the university’s rector, Daniel David, in his introduction to the press conference. Today, Wednesday, the courses announced for summer admission and the number of places were announced.

The rector also said that he would choose BBTE because it is in Cluj, a city that is constantly developing, which he believes is the most expensive place in the country, and he believes you can find opportunities for a decent living. Life, as there are many cheap restaurants in the city, and at the same time, scholarships are re-evaluated every year, which also means supporting many students. As he said, in one case, he would not have registered for BBTE if he had imagined his life abroad in the first place, because then he would definitely have chosen a foreign university.

Four new majors were started: Information Engineering in Hungarian

You can choose from 65 majors in Hungarian and 116 majors in Romanian in full-time courses, says Associate Professor Balint Marku, Vice President of Studies responsible for the Hungarian Department, Curriculum, Competitiveness and External Departments. In addition, there are eight courses in German, 15 in English, 14 in other languages, and the last in the Faculty of Arts.

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According to its press release, Babeş–Bolyai University announces 5,298 free places for those enrolled in bachelor’s programs for the academic year 2024-2025. In addition, 9,977 places required for tuition fees are available for those interested. At the same time, 2,300 places are available in bachelor’s programs for applicants for distance learning and education. Low visits. Among the tuition-free places, the university reserves 35 places for applicants of Roma nationality, 169 places for graduates of rural high schools, 25 places for those coming from the welfare system, and 201 places for cross-border Romanians.

Associate Professor Balint Marko, Deputy Registrar in charge of the Hungarian Department Photo: BBTE/Christian Muntean

Among the places announced for admission, Magyar Taguzat announces 2,921 places for university education, including 1,117 without tuition fees and 1,804 for full-time and distance learning.

Several bachelor's programs will start this year: Information Engineering in Hungarian and English, which is a four-year full-time program within the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. In addition, the Artificial Intelligence course in English, which was new last year, will be launched and will be expanded this year and will hopefully have greater success, Vice Chancellor Balint Marku noted. In addition, a three-year full-time course in Public Health Services and Policies in Romanian will be launched at the Faculty of Public Policy, Administration and Communication.

Marco Balint said that the most popular majors – “not surprisingly” – are information technology, economic informatics and psychology, including a cognitive science major, and bachelor's programs in digital media and security policy studies are also very popular.

New Master's course in Hungarian: Data-driven management

For master's training öYou can register for a total of 9,607 places, of which 3,583 places are free and 6,024 places require tuition fees. The university announced the announcement of 1,305 places for master's programs in the Hungarian department, of which 523 are exempt from tuition fees and 782 are subject to tuition fees. Among the free places, the university offers 238 places for priority areas, 50 places for educational master's programmes, 25 places for those coming from the social welfare system and 25 places for people with disabilities. Applicants can choose from 219 Master's programs (full-time or part-time courses).

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New Master's courses have also started: a two-year full-time course, i.e. a four-semester course called East Asian Studies and Research, in Romanian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese in the Faculty of Humanities, while a full-time 4-semester course called Health Economics will be taught in English in the Faculty Economics and business administration. The latter path is considered new in the country, and was highlighted in the press conference. In Hungarian, the Faculty of Economics and Business offers the Data-Driven Management major, a 4-semester full-time course. Another course will be launched in English: Global Security Politics and Human Rights, as well as a 4-semester full-time course in the Faculty of History and Philosophy.

More than 300 free places to study PhD

Babeş–Bolyai University is offering 315 free places for admission to doctoral studies this year, as well as additional places subject to tuition fees. The Foundation announced that out of 315 free places, 149 receive scholarships, five places are reserved for people of cross-border Romanian citizenship, two places are open to applicants for Romani citizenship, and four places are reserved for priority areas.

Why and what is worth registering for?

What areas are worth advertising in a lot of paid places? – According to the university president, it is better for the students to decide. He stressed that he does not believe that a politician should say that this or that is the important area, but that the criterion is that the student and his parents are willing to invest in completing the course. In response to a journalist's question – what would he say to someone who believes that graduating from university is not worth it – University President Daniel David said that the percentage of university graduates in Romania is very low, and that “studies are needed in the world” that will come, because without it a person is lost.

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BBTE announces nearly 28,000 new foundation and master's places and courses for summer admission

According to this belief, they are expanding and not reducing the number of advertised places, although young people are becoming fewer and fewer. About a hundred more free places for summer admission to university courses have been announced, and there are also more paid places. The number of places for Master's and PhD degrees remains the same.

Tests for preparation

According to the university, admission takes place between July 15 and 31, 2024, including the application period, entrance exams, announcement of results, submission of appeals, confirmation of places, and the period for redistribution of remaining places. Regarding admission for the 2024-2025 academic year, the faculties of Babiş Bolyai University have developed various written or oral exams to test students' knowledge and cognitive abilities. Colleges take into account the high school exam average with different weights. Entrance exam topics and a bibliography of written exams are available on the official pages of each college. Registration fees are determined by and around individual colleges here And here You can obtain information, or about admission in general on this on the link.

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