Battlefield has been delayed due to the new Need for Speed ​​game

Battlefield has been delayed due to the new Need for Speed ​​game


EA has postponed the next batch of its wrecked car series for less than a year.

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We can’t get behind the wheel of the Need for Speed ​​series for a while. This series, which has a long history but has been hit hard for many years, recently came out with Need for Speed ​​Heat 2019, which wasn’t a bad game in itself, but apart from looking good, it might offer nothing more than the previous parts. From the series.

The semi-revealed secret is that she And the Benchmark games His team is already working on the new episode. But from now on, the correct wording is that it worked. According to the latest news, EA has delayed the car project for less than a year. Resolution background a Battlefield 6 Situations.

The news is interesting just because no game has been officially announced by the publisher yet. However, it is now reported that the former has been significantly postponed to allow the Criterion team to assist EA saysIn Battlefield 6 development (or whatever the title). This is necessary because the coronavirus epidemic has affected the EA DICE team very sensitively, so they may need outside help. A better option may be the standard for this, as studios have worked on several projects before.

A lot of work is planned around the new Battlefield, and Criterion might return to his original project. It is not known when this will happen, however, EA wants to launch a new Battlefield this year. ■

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