Battlefield 2042 has received heavy criticism for a character’s ability

Some users found the term ‘little green man’ used in Battlefield 2042 . attack

Battlefield 2042 will soon bring intense warfare to our homes, and it seems like there’s a craving for action after the beta has amassed nearly 8 million players on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. However, this is not only good news for Dice employees, who have been accused of being insensitive in portraying the 2014 Russian intervention in Ukraine.

The controversy erupted due to the aspect of the Russian personality of the Russian specialist Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky. At the level of one of Boris’ masters, the term dice, called “little green man”, refers to the unidentified Russian troops who occupied and closed Simferopol International Airport, most of the military bases of Crimea, and the Simferopol Parliament.

The term dice used was offensive to some players who criticized the developer for downplaying the conflict. Dice quickly apologized and thanked users for their help with “positive changes in the game”. The company emphasized that “the use of the name was not intended.”

In addition to the response given to one user, Dice is the official response battlefield He made a statement on his Twitter account explaining that thanks to users, they were able to realize that the appearance was a real issue and does not reflect the team’s values, so they will change it in a future update. Battlefield will arrive on November 19, 2042 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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