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Bathroom: 6 dangerous things you should get rid of!

Bathroom: 6 dangerous things you should get rid of!

If you can't remember when you bought something, that's probably a sign that you need to get rid of it.

  • The bathroom is a great place to take care of our body and soul.
  • The cleanliness and safety of the products and tools we use for personal care is essential if we want to maintain our health.
  • Bathroom products and tools that have been out of order for a long time should be discarded if we do not want problems for ourselves.

Ideally, our bathroom is an island of peace. If we can, we'll keep this room perfectly clean, so it's a good idea to get in here. Here in the morning we prepare ourselves for the hardest working day, later for the most important appointment, and in the evening we can also relax here after the exhausting rush. Some people arrange this room almost like a living room. Not only do they organize beautiful shelves for their favorite toiletry products, but the towels, bathtub outlet, and even the soap holder are in tonal colors.

Others find it more difficult to arrange the bathroom. They are the people who sooner or later get overwhelmed by unnecessary things, including those who just want to enter their bathroom and feel like they are entering an oasis. However, it will be important for all of us to maintain perfect order and cleanliness in this room as well. If we do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the tools, lotions and toiletries used in the bathroom (and they often accumulate in large quantities), they can make us sick.

Bathroom: 6 dangerous things that must be disposed of as soon as possible

So let's see what are the most common bathroom Sources of danger!

1. The medicine is expired

Many people store their medications and vitamins in the bathroom, so your closet is likely full of such items. If your medicine cabinet looks crowded, there's a good chance it's hiding items that have already expired.

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Expired medication is no joke. Not only is it much less effective (in the case of an antibiotic, reduced effectiveness can lead to a bacterial infection, for example), but in many cases the side effects it causes are also more serious. Additionally, bacteria can grow in the boxes, which can be harmful. So it is very important to pay attention to your medications and vitamins!

It is not only necessary to store them in the right conditions – i.e. not exposing them to direct sunlight or placing them next to a heater – but also to check them from time to time and dispose of those that have expired! It is also important that you never throw such items into collective waste, and never throw them down the drain! Take it to the nearest pharmacy where it will be disposed of in a way that does not harm the environment.

2. Old washing gloves, sponge

Small towels or cloths used for bathing are useful in the bathroom, as they help clean the skin as thoroughly as possible with their slightly abrasive surface. However, it is very important to ensure that it is always clean.

Bacteria and even mold can multiply very quickly in such scarves and gloves. All of this, plus the dead skin cells being scrubbed off your body, is not life insurance. It is therefore very important to always rinse and wring them out after use, and wash them regularly at high temperatures (which is why they should also be made of a material such as cotton that can withstand this). Also, from time to time, let's get rid of tools that have been used too often.


When will that time come? When they lose their grip or their materials become thinner. The situation is similar with different sponges: if we do not handle them well, they can become a culture of bacteria. Plastic sponges should be avoided in the first place, and the loofah should always be dried in the sun if possible!

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3. Old makeup and sunscreen

Do you remember when you bought your mascara? If not, it's probably time to replace it. In all cases, you should pay attention to the expiration date of cosmetics, because creams and foundations that exceed their warranty can cause serious skin irritation, acne or other unpleasant symptoms. Expired mascara is a qualifying case: it can lead to a serious bacterial infection that affects the eyes!

Makeup products usually do not have a specific expiration date, but rather how long they can be used after opening them. However, this date is only valid if you store them correctly and correctly as specified by the manufacturer. If during this time you carry your favorite mascara in your bag for a week or take it to the beach a few times, you can count on it to deteriorate faster. So calculate accordingly!


As good as the weather is, we'll soon be heading to the beach! Take a good look at what's in your account! (Photo: Getty Images)

And when summer comes and you reach for the sunscreen in your bathroom drawer, which you started last year, pull your hand back — or throw the thing away with such haste! Using expired sunscreen carries a risk of sunburn, because sunscreen loses its effectiveness after the expiration date and provides less protection against harmful UV rays.

4. Bad towels and vents

Who likes crunchy, who likes soft with all the rinse aid. A towel is one of the most important textiles in everyone's bathroom and therefore deserves to be taken care of a lot. Used towels, in addition to looking crumbled and worn, absorb less moisture after a while and may be more susceptible to mold.

Do you like to rub a mixture of bacteria, dirt, and dead skin cells onto your body? I'm almost sure not. To avoid this, they should be washed regularly (at least once a week) at high temperatures and always dried well. But it's also worth investing in a few new towels every year or so. Color harmony here or there:

It is worth using a white towel, because you can see it as quickly as possible if it is not clean enough, and you can disinfect it as easily as possible.

Also place the washable tub outlet in the washing machine during your weekly cleaning!

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5. Bad hairdressers

Have you grown in love with your hair dryer and don't want to get rid of it – even though its button no longer works properly, so you turn it on and off by pulling it out? Your hair straightener works too, but your braid is damaged? If possible, get rid of these devices as soon as possible, because electric shock is not a toy, and damaged devices certainly carry their risks.


Even if the tools aren't bad, it's still worth cleaning them regularly. It's a good idea to blow out your hair dryer's back filter a little every few weeks, and remove hair from the combs after each use. In such cases, you can also notice that all is not well with your hairbrush. Throw them away if the little protective balls start falling out of the bristles, because bare, spiky bristles can easily hurt your scalp!

6. Pipe samples

It's very tempting to take hotel toiletries home with you when you travel (don't worry, it's definitely not stealing), and for me, I'm always happy when I get a cream or perfume sample in a magazine or with someone. Buy a pharmacy. However, according to experts, it is not worth collecting them at home, because they can spoil sooner in unusual jars.

If your skin is sensitive, you should avoid unknown products, because even if they contain only one smear, they can cause serious problems (redness, irritation, allergy)!

I'm interested in more Our bathroom tips? Click on the link!

Featured Image: Getty Images

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