Based on the latest Gran Turismo 7 preview, we'll get one of the most beautiful games on PS5

Based on the latest Gran Turismo 7 preview, we’ll get one of the most beautiful games on PS5

Another video has arrived on the PlayStation YouTube channel promoting Gran Turismo 7, which is arriving in spring. In it, we can see some sparkling shots of what we can expect from a visual world, while Yamauchi Kazunori, Game Director, talks about how realistic the experience on PlayStation 5 can be.

According to the developer, thanks to the PS5’s performance, they’ve achieved for the first time something with the Gran Turismo series they’ve always wanted. He personally feels that with this game he was finally able to achieve a “tangible” level of realism. He takes it literally, since the DualSense controller’s tactile feedback and adaptive catalysts reliably reproduced the feeling of braking, with the latter resisting depending on how effective the brakes were, for example. But of course sight is also important, as ray tracing technology, for example, allows vehicles to look at camera position (Scapes) in a way that is difficult to distinguish from reality. Yamauchi even highlighted the importance of 4K, HDR, and 60fps, which the PS5 will implement in the game at the same time, which is why the director said it was so amazing that they crossed a certain line with realism.

Not to worry, no matter how much focus is on the next-gen console in the preview, Gran Turismo 7 will even be released on PlayStation 4 on March 4, 2022, although that’s clearly not what the game will look like. The GT7 was also shown on a racetrack a few days ago, and it was previously revealed that it will have more than 400 cars.

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