Barbara Schöblocher, Blahalouisiana singer, has landed on the boards of Wreck Bar from the USA

He turned ten years old this summer blahlouisiana The band in November in Debrecen wreck barHe opened his fall tour series at the Barbara Schopleucher In his interview with Roncsolo, he recalled the beginnings, talked about the dynamics of the six-member band, and also learned from him when they would start working on the new Blahalouisiana album.

The singer returned home from the USA just three days before the concert, where he was Lazarevknown from (ex Dad and the peas became known as Andras RonAsked (My Father) Fly to the world famous Nashville Derek GartenAndras’ latest solo album, a.d the moment. Some duets with Barbi will also be heard on the disc. By the way, Derek Garten was also the sound engineer for world stars like Taylor Swift.

So it’s worth watching Roncsólo’s latest broadcast, which of course also includes the prize draw!

And speaking of Lazarev: Tamara Lair I talked to them this year too Campus Festival (Of which The first names of 2023 came out just this week):

And if pull wasn’t enough, watch Wrecker’s Show, a program blind myself It’s a squad, because the game in it runs until November 21st:

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