Bárány Éttérem in Edeleny won the podium at National Restaurant Week

For the first time, Edélény’s Bárány Étterem participated in DiningCity’s Országos Étterem Het spring program series and already finished third in its category.

This included nearly a hundred country restaurants that accepted guests for a flat rate of CHF 5,900 during the event.

They got national publicity

– Our restaurant has been open for a little over a year. For the first time, we participated in the DiningCity National Restaurant Week series, so I think the third place rank very highly in our own category, next to nearly a hundred other upstart restaurants, he said. Thin Balazs, Executive Chef at Paranai Etrim. – Our guests can give their feedback on a 10-point rating scale: about service, location and dishes. Summarizing it, we come to the third place. By the way, there was only one rating out of 9 for the site, which we know is subjective. In order to finish the platform, we received a plaque and the opportunity to appear on all DiningCity online platforms, which is a particularly good opportunity.

Aries can also be fragmented

The main profile of the restaurant is the lamb dishes. Our relationship to lamb as an excellent food source is based on the important sheep rearing activities of the property circle.

Photo: Zsuzsa Horvath

– We prepared two types of three-course menus for Restaurant Week, mainly because we wanted to showcase our signature lamb dishes. Accordingly, one of the main dishes was fragrant lamb. We recommend this especially to those who eat lamb for the first time. The fusion marinade contains about a dozen ingredients from Southeast Asia to Africa, resulting in a unique flavor and crumbly meat. In our other menu, we have introduced more popular dishes. Our sheep farmers have the fate of the Hungarian lamb close to their hearts, which is why we became Bárány Étterem. As a professional, I consider it unworthy that the Hungarian lamb has been neglected in the culinary art of the last 10-20 years. Good mutton dishes are not prepared in the country. We wanted to change this bad stereotype in people’s minds. After a year and a half, I can say that it works very effectively. Although many still treat the consumption of mutton with reservations because of the lard. Usually, everyone thinks of their signature lamb stew. Here at the restaurant, we try to show our guests that a high-quality dish prepared from a young animal can bring great joy, as confirmed by Barani Etrim’s chef.

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Photo: Gabor Matiz

food tourism in the city

Thanks to the great marketing value of the National Restaurant Week and the start of the spring season, the sales of the platform restaurant have also increased.

– As a new and young restaurant, our goal was to attract as many guests as possible and get to know us. Also, try what we want to represent in rustic or Hungarian gastronomy. The weekly number of restaurant guests was 20 people per day at dinner time, which was filled in 5 1/2 days. We appeared on a stage where we had not been before. We’ve had guests from several parts of the country, including gourmet tourists, who specifically found us through DiningCity. I can say with a calm heart that we have expanded our audience, and not just from the surrounding area. Thanks to the program, of course, our traffic has increased and our clientele has expanded. But we don’t stop there, because the ‘season’ has already begun with the advent of spring, as we have prepared a new menu and expanded our guest space with a balcony. As a small restaurant we are particularly crowded on Fridays and weekends, but those who choose us must pre-book a table on other days as well. In addition to the normal operation of the restaurant, we host corporate, family and private events throughout the year, and also welcome guests with our special themed programs in order to expand the gastronomic experience – explained Balázs Vékony.

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