BAON - Charter will postpone vacation

BAON – Charter will postpone vacation

– Recently, one of his key players, David Szabo, was seriously injured in a match against Acasto – Norbert Nemedy noted the fall of one of his key players in mid-April.

I would be happy to be back as soon as possible, but it won’t happen any time soon. Eliminating him is a big loss, but in team play we can make up for it. Thankfully we are in a situation where our framework is abundant and quality, and thanks to that we are entering the field in a changing lineup from week to week. I’ve been here in Kiskunfélegyháza ten years ago with a small turn, the first years were great, we won the championship five times. After that, our team dropped a bit. Many players at that time already had a lot in the first division of the province, older football players formed the framework at that time. We have tried to rejuvenate in recent years, and we can see its fruits today.

We still have many talented youngsters in our frame, which we are gradually incorporating, and the team is a great mix in terms of age composition.

We’re on a great streak, but Harta are also making big progress at the table, so they even have a chance on the podium. The Harta people are getting better and better every year, and we have nothing easy to do with anyone, and we will have nothing against them. We want to play offensive football or control the game, and not get points or points to achieve our goal.

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Even the second team of Tiszakécske did not give up the bronze medal, which lit up before the spiritual eyes of the charter. Gábor Bagi can reach the bottom rung of the fantasy platform. To do this, they must score as many points as possible in the remaining rounds. This afternoon, they are in Kecskemét, where they are greeted by young LC from Kecskemét, who is increasingly distinguished. Also in the hope of scoring.

Sunday’s Caloxa – Januschalma match is an unpredictable feud, but no less predictable than the two neighboring derbys, Kiskunhalas – Soltvadkert and Kiskőrös – Akasztó the eternal clash.

Halas and Wild Garden no longer have anything to lose, which is why it can be a fun match. The stakes are higher for Jánoshalma, they want to win a medal, they have to collect points in Kalocsa, which is never easy. The Kiskőrös – Akasztó derby is always a football holiday, and this time it’s also a delicacy for neutrals.

Neighbors Kessel and Paxalmas play a six-point match at home. The winning side can jump over several places in the leaderboard, so a huge fight is expected here as well.

Konbaja could be the champion with two local wins in the province’s two southern groups. Borota can still perform athletically at any stage of the podium, and Baja can win a silver medal in the event of a razor flight. In the northern group, Kerekegyháza could celebrate the championship title if she did not score at least 16 goals in Isaac. There is little chance of that.

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Weekend Matches for Pax Kescon County Teams

Saturday, 5 pm
First Class District: Harta SE – Kiskunfélegyháza, Kecskemét LC – Tiszakécske LC II.
County II. Northern Group: Nyárlőrinc LSC – SC Hírös-Ép Egyesület, Városföldi SE – Lakiteleki TE, Csólyospálos – Kunszállás SE, Izsák SSE – Kerekegyházi SE, Solti FC – Kiskunmajsai FC
District III. Southern Group: Bácsalmási PVSE II. – Bácsbokod, Felsőszentiván – Híd SC, Katymár – Kisszállás, Madaras – Kunfehértó, Tataháza – Dunagyöngye, Bácska SE Vaskút – Kenderes.
District III. , Northern group: Kerekegyházi SE II. – Ladánybenei LC, Fülöpjakab SE – Tiszaalpári SE, Fülöpszállási SE – Bugac KSE, Tiszaug KSE – Miklósi GYFE, Katonatelepi SE – Vasutas SK.
County III., Middle group: Vadkert FC STE II. – Bócsai BL SE, Akasztó FC II. – Kiskőrösi LC II., Kaskantyúi FSE – Szank OBSE, Tabdi KSE – Kecel Senior FC, Balotaszállás FC – Kecel FC II.
District III. Western Group: Dunapataj KSE – Dunaszentbenedek KSE, Homokmégy KSE – Fajsz SE, Tass KSE – Dunavecsei SE, Szentmárton SE –
Phoenix grade SE.

Sunday, 5 p.m.
Merkantil Bank Liga NB II.: Tiszakécske LC – Szolnoki MÁV FC.
County Class I: Kalocsai FC – Jánoshalmi FC, Kecel FC – Bácsalmási PVSE, Kiskőrös LC – Akasztó FC, FADDIKORR-Kiskunhalasi FC – Soltvadkerti TE Variens.
County II. Southern Group: Bajai LC – Kelebia KNSK, Dusnok KSE – Sükösd SC, Érsekcsanádi KSKE – Borotai SE, Mélykúti SE – Tompai SE, Nemesnádudvari KSE – Hajós FC, Kunbajai SE – Bácsbours
District Three, Southern Group: Keg of Hercegszántói FC – Garai.
3rd District, Northern Group: Ágasegyháza SE – Jakabszállás KSE.
District Three, Central Group: Emperor fills EFSK – Csengőd SE, Tázlári FC – Jászszentlászló SE.
Third District, Western Group: Bátyai SE – Szakmári KSE.

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Sunday, 6:30 p.m.
Merkantil Bank Liga NB II.: Szombathelyi Haladás – Kecskemét TE, Szombathelyi Haladás Sports Complex.

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