Az aranyérmes Kopasz Bálint a férfi kajak egyesek 1000 méteres versenyének döntője után a világméretű koronavírus-járvány miatt 2021-re halasztott 2020-as tokiói nyári olimpián a Sea Forest Kajak-kenu Pályán 2021. augusztus 3-án.

Balint Cubasz: Our husband’s fourth place is very cool

According to Balint Kopasz, already during the preliminary race, he felt that he was going to have something to gain in the Olympics, and that “the muscles are very open and mentally supple.” Olympic champion Kayak summoned InfoRadio when he arrived at acclimatization camp near Takamacu, and he kept letting go of his previous grueling workouts, thanks to which he finally took all three of his paths in the five-ring games with ease.

After some kayakers ran for 1,000 metres, he clearly felt he was in very good shape as he slid easily over the finish line. After that, he had two hours until the final, until then he was able to regenerate well: he carried out the necessary eating protocols and, by filling in a special pressure suit, helped the lactic acid to leave so that he could get enough recovery. As far as possible for the final competition, he explained.

What he won next, without any small advantage.

As he said, to his great pleasure, he was able to dictate a solid travel pace all the way, he could even start one at the end, plus he had a small one left, meant for a pair of 1000m. As is known, the duo Bálint Kopsz – Bence Nádas finally took fourth place. In this regard, the kayak noted that they have evolved tremendously since the collector, and to his delight they dared to change by sitting back as captain, while pins nadas proved to be a very hard-stroke in front of (the captain). The initial goal was to reach the finals, so fourth place was a huge achievement for both of them.

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“4th place for this couple is very cool”

pointed out.

Finally, Balint Kopasz revealed that he is currently focusing on the World Cup in Denmark, after which he will go to a great deal of rest. He added that Paris is not far away, after three years, I slowly began preparing for it.

Opening photo: MTI / Tamás Kovács

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