Bali will not receive foreign tourists anymore this year

Bali will not receive foreign tourists anymore this year

It was decided: Until the end of the year, the Indonesian island of Bali will not be visited by foreign tourists.

The situation in Indonesia does not allow foreigners to come to the country, including Bali“- BBC reporter Wayan Koster, the island’s governor.

Indonesia is known to remain on the red list in many places, which means that passengers arriving from there must spend two weeks in quarantine after returning home.

The Indonesian authorities had previously expected the popular resorts to open as early as September, but the high number of people infected with the Coronavirus delayed their calculations.

In June, for example, after Indonesian workers returned home and testing intensified, 4,600 people were registered on the island alone, where 52 died from Covid infection. There are more than 155 thousand injured in Indonesia, of whom 6,800 died – Bloomberg remembers the official data.

The entry ban is severely affecting Bali residents, many of whom earn a living from tourism. 80% of the island’s revenue comes from foreign guests. Millions of tourists are accommodated here every year.

Since July, local tourists have been attracted by the island, but most hotels are either half or completely empty.

These are turbulent times and have a huge impact on our returnsBhutto Jedi Bodiarta, CEO of a hotel in Denpasar, the capital of Bali, described the situation.

Thailand will not be visited either

Originally, foreign tourists were allowed to enter Thailand from August 1, but the deadline has been pushed back indefinitely.

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Business or medical visits are permitted Under strict conditions:

• A medical certificate of airworthiness.

• A negative Coronavirus test is no more than 72 hours old

• Health insurance of at least $ 100,000.

Thai authorities may impose a two-week quarantine on visitors despite the presentation of certificates.

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