Bahrain would be happy to jump to Australia again next year

Although the Australian Grand Prix most of the time is the first Formula 1 race of the year, this scenario had to be rewritten last year and this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic: In 2020, Austria hosted the opening season in 2021.

Additionally, the field visited Bahrain for pre-season tests, so this was logistically the most suitable solution for a racing circus. The course director is prof Race He said I’d like to take winter exams next year as well.

“I remember we also tested Formula 1 in 2014. This time the test was a little shorter, only three days. I hope next year we will be able to host a” real “winter test where we will actually see the new cars,” he said. Then he continued:

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“Given the situation in Australia and other factors, it was simply reasonable to have pre-season tests and the first race in Bahrain.”

Australia also has the option to have its first F1 race of the season in 2022, but the 2020 race has been postponed to November, so organizers may judge the time between the two races quite a bit.

“FOM hasn’t discussed this with us yet, but we’d like to host the season opener. I think it was also a good decision to have the winter auditions and the inaugural race here as well. I don’t know how Australia or the other venues stand on this issue, but I’ve heard the Australian organizers want a date later.” Al Khalifa said.

Despite Jasly’s strong experience, Marco said Verstappen could have been 2-2.5 tenths faster …

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