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Bahrain Grand Prix: statements by the contestants on the podium

Bahrain Grand Prix: statements by the contestants on the podium

Red Bull picked up where they left off last year: the Bulls started the 2024 season with a double win. Max Verstappen won the Bahrain Grand Prix, and Sergio Perez finished second. Carlos Sainz was also on the podium – let's see how the three rated them after the wave!

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) – 1st place

“Great! Today everything went better than we expected. The car was very easy to drive, and the pace was very good in all the vehicles. We had problems too. I really enjoyed the race, and I felt good in the car. These days are always special, Because it's not often that things go so well. I became one with the car and I felt like everything was perfect. The start was good, but I had to defend myself in the first corner to make sure of it. From there I watched my own races. The season is long but we are in “Good situation. Now we will rest for a few days and then we will start again.”

Sergio Perez (Red Bull) – second place

“That was as far as I could go today. It was an interesting race, and you had to pay attention to the tyres. We will definitely learn a lot from this, which will be important for the championship. But we started the year well. I slid a lot, and the engine brakes didn’t work well either.” “Sometimes it was difficult to drive the car on certain vehicles, but in the evening we will analyze everything and learn everything until the next race. We are now in good momentum and we must maintain this until the next race.”

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Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) – third place

“I felt good in the race. The start was not good, but after that I was able to protect the tires and maintain a good pace. I passed two cars on my way to the podium and I wanted to catch the Red Bull, which I did and that was surprising. We don’t want to be Here, we want to be earlier than that, but we have made progress compared to last year, so the season started well. We had a clear plan to start first with the soft and then two stages with the hard. I felt a little better on the hard stuff because it was overheating less But warming them up is harder. Once that was done, I felt good. Today we were good with our strategy, but Red Bull was out of reach. The Saudi track is different, we will see how it will be. Red Bull will be good, McLaren was fast on fast tracks last year, But we also improved.”

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