Két óra alatt elérte a célját az Elden Ring: The Board Game Kickstarter kampánya bevezetőkép

Backgammon Kickstarter campaign

The least surprising news we have today is that something with the title Elden Ring on the chest is really of people’s interest.

It’s not surprising in the least that Steamforged games are the newest Kickstart Campaign It was also a huge success. The fundraising fund opening for Elden Ring: The Board Game was filled in two hours, and even doubled its target amount of $1 million.

People cut money to the publisher as if he were handing everyone their own copy through the screen. By the way, the Kickstarter project generates a lot of money not only because it is a great game, board, Elden Ring character, but also because the board game is divided into several parts.

The base game only includes two regions of The Lands Between, and the rest of the pieces, along with the main enemies and everything else, will have to be obtained separately. Of course, higher levels of support provide more and more content for enthusiastic donors.

It all looks impressive, though, and we wouldn’t be surprised if backers include a bunch of Dungeons & Dragons DMs eagerly awaiting the numbers to be released. By the way, Steamforged plans to introduce the game in May 2024.

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