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Awkward: This is how Stranger Things actors react to their videos

Awkward: This is how Stranger Things actors react to their videos

Today, the world knows their name, but they also started somewhere. This is how the cast of the series were like little kids when they auditioned.

07/29/2022 – It’s not often you get to experience the madness surrounding Stranger Things, whose fourth season has made it the third most-watched series on Netflix – after Wednesday and Squid Game. In light of this, we can probably safely say that the cast in it are among the world’s biggest stars of the 1920s.

The same attention surrounds them as the cast of the Harry Potter films, so the press treats them in every way imaginable. This time: Luckily for us, because in the special called Beyond Stranger Things, they filmed a show with them, where they had to watch parts of their videos from 7-8 years ago. The reaction is worth every penny:

port I noticed Another really funny video in which Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie Monson, tells Jimmy Fallon how he escaped immigration at the airport.

The English representative was pulled out of line, then escorted to the guardhouse and made to wait while they checked the foreigner’s papers. Later, he was called to the net where he was asked what he was doing in the United States. He said truthfully:

“I’m here to interview Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.” Imagine the faces of the squares…

After a short wait, one of the guards recognized him and ordered his comrade to command

“Leave Eddie alone!”

Quinn takes her passport back with a note

“You better come back!”

And who dares to argue with the airport security guard, or hundreds of thousands of fans:

AZTA: A Stranger Things character autograph collection has begun!

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