Avian influenza infected new mammals

In the UK, 66 mammals have been tested amid the stinging epidemic. The goal was to find out how likely it is that the virus could be transmitted from birds to mammals, or even to humans.

To date, 208 million birds and at least 200 mammals have died worldwide as a result of this disease BBC According to the data in his possession. However, according to the health services, the risk of the mutation spreading also to mammals is currently small.

In an increasing number of cases globally, pathogens have been detected in mammals, including grizzlies and mink, but dolphins and seals have also died from them. So, the UK Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) tested 66 mammals, including seals.

In nine of these cases, the highly pathogenic form of avian influenza, H5N1, was detected from foxes and otters.

The cases came from different parts of the island country: Durham, Cheshire and Cornwall in England, Boise in Wales and Shetland, the Inner Hebrides and Fife in Scotland.

It is possible that the diseases were caused by the fact that foxes and otters ate the carcasses of dead birds infected with the virus. Professor Ian Brown, APHA’s director of scientific services said a sick or dead bird could contain massive amounts of virus. Thus, the killer mammals that take advantage of this opportunity to feed will also encounter a massive amount of viruses. This gives the virus the possibility of infecting another group of animals, which it normally cannot.

Brown also noted that collected mammalian samples are being analyzed at the genome level, with their global distribution in wild bird populations monitored.

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The public has been warned not to come into contact with dead or sick birds.

In addition, they also ask that if they find a dead bird of prey, three or more waterfowl or seagulls, or more than five other species, they must be reported to Britain’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural Development (DEFRA). .

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