Avatar 2 crew entered New Zealand taking advantage of a legal loophole

Avatar 2 crew entered New Zealand taking advantage of a legal loophole

Under the supervision of the New Zealand government, a two-week quarantine begins on the American crew on Avatar 2, taking advantage of a legal loophole to access an island country with strict entry rules due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Producer Jon Landau posted a photo of its arrival on Instagram. He also wrote, “We have arrived in New Zealand. A 14-day quarantine has begun under the supervision of the local government.”

Jacinda Ardern, prime minister of the Pacific island nation, told a news conference on Tuesday that the film crew had arrived “with government permission” and was renting a hotel in Wellington. As he added, the government is also overseeing the entire quarantine process.

However, the New Zealand Immigration and Investment Association described it unfair for the government to exempt employees while many were waiting to enter the country with a valid worker visa.

Since mid-March, only New Zealand citizens and residents have been allowed into the country as part of measures to curb the coronavirus epidemic.

According to Ardern, more than 2,000 cases have been filed so far, including several occasions for “economic reasons.”


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