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Autikum: A place where people with autism can find community

Autikum: A place where people with autism can find community

A society without exclusion is a utopia, and let's not get our hopes up, it will always remain so because of narrow-mindedness, but we still need committed civil society organizations that help integrate those who are in a minority in any way and therefore need help. One of them is AURA Autistákat Támogató Támogató Egyesület Közhašnú Egyesület (AURA Autistákat Támogato Támogató Egyesület), which, as the winner of the first Community Participation Budget Program of the Metropolitan Municipality of Budapest, received a grant to create a community space where autistic adults can meet, develop in joint sessions, and have fun together. Because although public opinion believes that it is difficult for autistic people to make social contacts, they also long for a community to which they can belong, writes

– Demonstrates ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) technique. peter is quiet Photographer, Art Teacher of Oticum – Painting with Light. – Photography is not only used to represent reality, and certainly not ICM. When taking a normal photo, we make sure that the camera is still in our hands, and when taking these photos, on the contrary, we deliberately move the camera inward and achieve the magical effect of revealing a world invisible to our eyes outside the photo.

“This is our goal in introducing people with autism as well. Anyone who wants to get to know them will have the opportunity to enter their world, to get to know their way of thinking, which is completely different from ours, and to accept that it is also a worldview, a way of life, a way of being. When we created the association with my fellow parents in 2002, we only dared to dream about it,” says Maria, who has been the head of the organization since 2005. “I studied at the Faculty of Foreign Trade, I also have a degree in textile technology, but I am also a Gordon PET (Effective Parental Communication) trainer.”

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“What is used to fund home maintenance and software?” I ask.

– As the winner of the tender, the capital will pay for the operation of Autikum for five years, but we also strive to generate our own income – says Maria Vadasny Toth, president of the foundation.

“You don’t have to look far to find a source, because the pictures on the walls are for sale,” Peter, a graduate student in photography at Metropolitan University, adds quickly. “I’m biased toward the makers, but as a professional, I think they’ll take their place on the office wall as weird works of art,” he admits.

The full article is A On Readable.

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