Austrian opposition is disappointed: Kurz continues to hold power in his hands

Austrian opposition is disappointed: Kurz continues to hold power in his hands

After the resignation of the People’s Party adviser on Saturday evening and the appointment of Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, also of the People’s Party, as his successor, Green Party deputy adviser Werner Kogler welcomed the developments and announced the continuation of the ruling coalition of the Greens and the People.

Opposition parties were less enthusiastic about changing the chancellor, as they hoped, after negotiations in recent days, that a new four-party coalition of Social Democrats (SPÖ), liberals (FPÖ), liberals (NEOS) and liberals (NEOS) would exclude the ÖVP. Grune).

Pamela Rende Wagner, head of the SPÖ, expressed disappointment that the Greens had not left the coalition. He believes that the same government policy will continue as before.

According to him, the People’s Party “sacrificed” Korzu to stay in power.

He stated that although Kurz was no longer a chancellor, as faction leader and party leader as the Shadow Counsellor, he would continue to move the threads. The Social Democratic politician doubts that the ruling coalition will be able to function successfully in the future and that government action will bring stability.

Pete Meinl Reisinger, president of NEOS, called for the advisor’s belated resignation. He believes that integrity is a prerequisite not only for the position of chancellor but also for the position of leader of the parliamentary faction.

Kurz will also assume power in his new position

he added.

FPÖ chair Herbert Kekel says that by fleeing MPs’ immunity, Kurz is breaking his promise to clear himself of corruption allegations as soon as possible. The pro-liberty politician also believes that although Kurz is no longer a chancellor, the political leadership of the People’s Party will remain with him.

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The government crisis in Austria stems from the fact that the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA) is investigating the immediate counsel’s environment on suspicion of bribery and breach of trust.

Cover image source: MTI / EPA / Christian Bruna

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