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Austria could become the second Hungary, that is, a European problem

Austria could become the second Hungary, that is, a European problem

the Austrian liberal newspaper According to the famous publicist, to prevent this from happening, politics and journalism must gain momentum. Herbert Kickl, Chairman of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), who for decades was the speechwriter for the leadership of the Freedom Party of Austria from Jörg Haider to Heinz Christian Strachey, was now finally able to shine before the public as the first leader and in good shape.

The electoral victory makes you forget about everything, and if something comes out of the ambiguous negotiations, which in the end seem to benefit at least both partners, there will be no embarrassing questions about Kekel’s ambitions, which aim to be a kind of “Urban made in Austria.”

Among other things, they are trying to harmlessly present the march towards the chancellor’s office with the slogan “you need to distinguish, not give morality.” Only the only active federal politician in the ÖVP, Caroline Idstadler, Minister for Constitutional and European Affairs, spoke out against all this when she said that “freedomists spread Putin’s propaganda in parliament, they support the civilization of Austria, they talk about an Austrian castle”. At the same time, even he puts the risk as relative when he refers to what the People’s Party-Freedom Party coalition led by Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel was like in 2000. According to Lendvai, the analogy is weak: Schüssel was the general at the time, and he was the driving force , for which Haider underestimated his political talent. Now, however, it is Chancellor Karl Nehammer who is leading, and he plays in a very different league to the omitted Kickel.

Edtstedler is right: politics and the press must finally intervene and educate the people, and Karl Marcus Gauss is also right when he says: “We have to face the political danger.”

Over the weekend, The Economist in London published a devastating article on corruption in Austria, the successes of the FPÖ and its very close relations with Russia, and the author concluded the article with a warning that Austria could become a second Hungary, a European problem. .

It is not only the Austrian Social Democratic Party that is going through an existential crisis, and if the ÖVP does not change its anti-European rhetoric and weak economic policy, it can easily become affiliated with the far right.

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