Australia’s bribery lockdown has been extended for another two weeks

Despite the tightening so far, the number of new infections has continued to rise in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, so new restrictions have been imposed in the city. The lockdown, which has been in place since June 26, can only be lifted if the number of new patients per day drops to zero.

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said restrictions would remain in place until at least July 30, after 97 new locally spread cases were announced, a slight increase from the day before.

Since the first case of the current wave of epidemics was discovered near the famous Bondi Beach in mid-June, the lockdown has been extended twice.

The port city’s 5 million total infections are now just under 900, and two deaths have been reported, for the first time in the country this year. Berejiklian has repeatedly stated that it has been in effect since June 26 The short circuit will only be raised if the number of newly reported cases drops to zero.

Of the 97 new diseases, 24 were communicable in the community, which means authorities expect more cases of the highly contagious delta type to emerge in the coming days.

The NSW government has extended the lockdown by one week that was originally scheduled for two weeks due to the increase in the number of people infected with the delta variant of the coronavirusSource: MTI / EPA / AAP / Mick Tsikas

Shops are closed

Many shops selling non-essential products are closed, The majority of school children stayed home, and residents could only leave their homes to do the most necessary activities and exercises.
Neighboring Victoria, which spent nearly a third of the year in 2020 as the epicenter of Australia’s first wave of coronavirus disease, posted the biggest daily increase in weeks, due to a furniture removal team that brought the virus from Sydney. . to another country.

Strict precautions

Of the state’s seven new cases, one person participated in a soccer match and is contagious. The authorities said this meant that 2,000 people at the match had to test themselves.

in the state Hundreds of people have been placed under quarantine, A block of apartments visited by the resettlement team were closed. Investigators looked for evidence of a possible connection. Authorities in a third state, South Australia, said they are trying to pool the movement of a mover team still traveling there after Victoria, and that the state could impose restrictions on travelers from Victoria.

The epidemic continues to spread

There are currently 71 patients hospitalized in New South Wales due to the Sydney outbreak, 20 people are in the intensive care unit, including one in 20 people and two people around the age of 30.

It seems The virus has also spread to previously uninfected parts and regional areas of Sydney. A case was also detected in Goulburn, about 200km southwest of Sydney.

Quick lockdown, quick communication and adherence to strict social distancing rules have helped Australia keep the number of virus patients down. In the countries of the continent, just over 31,300 cases and 912 deaths have been recorded.

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