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Australian scientists have made a huge breakthrough in the treatment of endometriosis

Australian scientists have made a huge breakthrough in the treatment of endometriosis

Australian scientists have made significant progress in treating and diagnosing endometriosis, which one gynecologist says in their research is comparable to the breakthrough in treating breast cancer three decades ago.

In recent years, research on endometriosis, which is responsible for nearly a third of female infertility cases and is often accompanied by severe abdominal pain, has been increasingly emphasized worldwide. the Watchman Based on a report in the British newspaper, researchers at the Royal Women’s Clinic in Sydney transplanted tissue from all known types of chronic disease and compared how these different types of tissue responded to treatment methods. As a result of the research, doctors can now prescribe different treatments specifically depending on the type of endometriosis, making the treatment more effective.

“Thirty years ago, all breast cancer patients received the same treatment, but today we know that there are several types of breast cancer and each case should be treated accordingly.” – explained Jason Abbott, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the clinic, who added that thanks to the new research results, they will also be able to assess whether the patient is at risk of developing an aggressive type of endometriosis, and in such cases they will be given treatment targeted to preserve their fertility.

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