Australian cleaner wins over HUF 17 billion

An Australian man who requested that his name be withheld suffered greatly last year after losing his job as a result of the pandemic. He was much lacking and a janitor worked to get off the rest of his money, but now luck has smiled at him, not in any way, he writes loader.

The person bought one yesterday lottery ticketAnd today he found out that he was hit 80 million Australian dollars, more than 17.5 billion HUF Grand prize.

According to the newspaper, the man has not slept in a flash since he heard the good news, as he thought all night about how so much money that would make him Australia’s third-biggest lottery winner would change his life.

Because of the pandemic, the man who became a billionaire lost his job

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As he revealed to the newspaper, he can’t wait to be able to solve the financial problems of his entire family for life. This was only the eighth time in the last quarter century in the history of the Australian lottery, Powerball, that the jackpot reached 80 million.

By the way, the winning numbers were 17, 10, 4, 26, 19, 23, 21, and the jackpot number was seven.

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