Australia will reconcile with the European Union after the submarine affair

Australia wants to continue free trade talks with the European Union. This was stated by the Minister of State in Brussels to Euronews. The EU is also inclined to normalize relations, but trust has been damaged by the withdrawal of the French Submarine Treaty.

Free trade talks between the European Union and Australia have stalled because the island nation has canceled a submarine-building contract with France. Australia’s trade minister said in Brussels that they had decided to buy US and British submarines due to changing geopolitical conditions.

We understand France’s frustration. We want to sit down with them and discuss why we decided this way. “We want to say that the situation in the Indian Ocean has changed a lot since we signed this contract to buy French submarines,” Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan said.

The EU will not be shy about easing tensions and resuming trade negotiations. France also recently returned its ambassador to Australia. However, confidence has been damaged – say MEPs.

Of course, trust is required to make a business deal. I lost a lot of confidence because of the submarine issue. For this reason, the negotiations were postponed. What is at stake is the issue of consumer protection, labor law rules, environmental standards and climate protection obligations. “It’s a matter of confidence,” said German MEP Bernd Lange.

Discussions will also focus on agriculture and animal welfare.

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