Australia.  OPEN: Mission Impossible by Marton Vosovic Doesn't Wait

Australia. OPEN: Mission Impossible by Marton Vosovic Doesn’t Wait

Márton Fucsovics, the 38th Hungarian supremacy in the world rankings, his opinion of Novak Djokovic was very dusty, but he doesn’t think about it, he follows the rule and he did.

Marton Vosovich (Photo: AFP)

“You managed to play three singles against Melbourne, what kind of experience did you have?”
“My stay in Adelaide could have been better, but I won’t say I’m unhappy.” He answered the national sports question Mr. Martin Vosovich, Our player is 38 in the world rankings. “I got new bats from my fans, but because of the short standby time at home, I didn’t have time to test them. Then it turned out right away that they weren’t playing well. By the time I got some of my old bats from Hungary, I had hit one or more Two with them and I was already sitting on the plane in Melbourne.I trained well with good partners, and had time to adapt to the conditions in Australia.

Did anything interfere with your training other than the racket problem?
“It’s really just a setback, but it’s no small matter in tennis…”

– Did you emphasize in an interview with public television the importance of the apparatus in standing in this field? How fast are the tracks?
“As I’ve mentioned many times before, I love racing here in Melbourne, I can handle the fast tracks. We’ve changed my members with the coaches, and I sincerely hope he gives enough support at the Australian Open.

Did both coaches accompany you to Australia?
– He was only accompanied by Miklós Jancsó, but that is already the norm. Zoltan Nagy will go with me to the United States.

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“Have you used to travel from winter to hot summer over the years?” Is change too stressful for your organization?
“Of course, the conditions are stressful, especially if the temperature is forty degrees.” But most guys also come from winter, so I have no reason to complain.

– He defeated first-round opponent Dusan Lajovic twice in a tough match last year. Is this your game or is this the deciding factor?
Lajovic is a good player. I hope to catch the yarn and get over it. There are no easy matches here anymore, but let’s add that it’s not an impossible task ahead of me.

Is the value of a Grand Slam determined by your performance or the number of matches you win?
– Just the game. If I make the most of myself, I will be happy. Obviously winning is a lot better, but if I know I played well, I still lost, I can accept that.

Who do you think will win the men’s championship?
– I think Daniil Medvedev.

“Many tennis players have vaccinated themselves specifically for the Australian Open, while world number one Novak Djokovic appears to have been excused by tampering with documents, at least not telling the truth in answering certain questions. Could there be a final disagreement? Between the community of players and the Serbian world leader, how negative is the general mood?
– I have previously said my opinion on this matter, which was received by the press, and it generated a lot of dust here and there. I have received a lot of messages about this, everyone comments on what I have to say in my own opinion about the topic. I’m not the type to think about it. I know what the rule is in Australia, I stick to it and I’m done. Djokovic has a right to do what he does, but deep down he knows what he’s thinking. Most guys think the same way about me, but I don’t think Novacra will be left out because of this. Australians may not be sympathetic to what he’s doing, I can gauge that because I’ve received a lot of messages of support from unknown Australians.

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“If you don’t want to talk about it, I will respect you: have you been vaccinated two or three times?”
– I’m grafted! It’s not a problem for me, but if anyone thinks differently, I can accept that too. However, if I can’t drive through the red light, don’t do anything – except for taxi drivers in Budapest…

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